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Thread: Massive Ant/Feather/Heavy/BitOfEverything Sale.

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    Hi all,
    I haven't got the time/money/skill/grey hair left to keep this going, so it's time to call it a day, and let what I have be of use to someone else. I'll leave everything up for a couple weeks or so to give you all first grabs, and after that I'll see what can go on eBay. All prices are before postage, please PM offers - I haven't attached a price to everything. Sorry for the lack of banana for scale in subsequent posts: I ate it.

    Ok, 50kg linac:
    Never used in combat, was going to go in "Aegis". Came from a working elevator. Will take offers. Sold.
    "Aegis" itself. You'll be aware of the build diary of the same name. This "Aegis" slightly out-dates the other in blessing, but it'd be good manners to rename it, yeah? Ali base and bulkheads, steel shell. Price depends on what you want. If I include the Scorpion XXL it can come ready to roll, or you might just want the mechanics. No need to have the steel bar if you don't want it, that was just going to have a scoop bucket attached - it's a bit OTT with regards to weight. (You could always pull a Razer and get the drill out? ) Oh, I tried to realign the sides of the shell, but managed to weld it pretty much as it was before, so it still needs a bit of persuasion to fit properly - would be best to break apart at the front and weld again. SOLD.
    2 pucka genuine S900s. I wanted to build a new robot around these or fit them into Aegis, but life happens! Again, gonna have to ask for offers, as I'm not sure what these are going for. Can't remember if I still have these, so let me know if you're interested and I'll have a deep search xD
    Yep, it's a pressure gauge. Don't even ask. Completely unused, think it came from Technobots a few years back. 0-20 bar. I think it's 1/8" gauge. I'll throw it in free with something else if it's any good to anyone. Free, just take the thing
    Odd bunch of antweight stuff. Just add radio gear and you have an ant there. Well, it was an ant. I might be able to dig out a trickle charger to go with the battery if you're desperate for one, but make sure you ask. Two of the servos are 360 hacked Tower Pro somethings, and the KingMax is a 180. Sold
    Well, it's a LiPo. 6S 5000mAh - will run your feather forever. And a bag so it doesn't blow up in your face. Isn't that nice? I won't post this, so it has to be local pickup from Portsmouth, or, uh, I'm happy to bring it to the Mountbatten in March, or whenever the event is. Cost me about fifty quid. £15 with the bag if someone will pickup - can take to Portsmouth

    The most beaten and battered radio gear set in the world. Show it off to all your friends. I think £35 is cheap enough, all considered. SOLD.
    Katatonic. Possibly the least successful live competitor ever - own a piece of history! In all seriousness, it was intended originally as the successor to Dante. 2 x Gold Motors, "Blue wheels" - I think they're the Robochallenge ones? But I might be wrong, because I'm remembering this from a few years ago. Aluminium base and top, it's 10mm or 20mm HDPE sides. Currently has some Electronize 30 A, but needs a BEC. It can come with the 15 A if you want it ready to run, and seems to be fine with them, but I haven't used them in the arena. I think it's got 72 teeth gears professionally machined to the wheels, and they're spinning in Yamaha bearings. Can't remember the specs, but if they can deal with a bike at 80mph, they're fine as a rare luxury in the arena. The steel blade at the front was a reaction to what I'm going to call "Beauty damage", as it wrecked the old front plate. It's reinforced with steel bar underneath along its length, so it's pretty solid. A little bit of tinkering with the ali top plate will have it running upside down. It's the toughest sell, but at-least someone else gets to tinker with it. Again, price depends on what you want. It can come as a running machine, or just the mechanics, etc. I won't split the motors, as the drive is a complete unit, useless split up. I have a fair price in my mind but, please let me know offers. Sold.

    Genuine IMAX B6AC. The marketing informs me that it's all-singing, all-dancing. Almost new. I've popped some XT connectors on the output. The other cable looks like it lets you run it from a battery via high-tech crocodile clips. If you collect, you might be able to talk me into giving you a flightcase with it. Gonna ask £20. That's a nice chunk off what you pay from HobbyKing, and most the ones you'll find elsewhere are faker than a fake thing. SOLD.


    Spektrum DX6. Tx seems, and is claimed, to work fine, but the BR6000 is confirmed dead, so not been able to test. Payed £50, be nice to see some of that back - it needs a new Rx or a conversion kit. SOLD

    1 X Scorpion XXL. (An official upgrade on the XL circuitboard at a time the XXL was unavailable.)
    Currently in Aegis, but if someone wants to make an offer on it, well. SOLD

    A few odd Heavy speedos and interfaces. In hindsight, the idea I might get around to a heavy was naive - I wouldn't trust myself with one of thoset things. There's an Ian Swann mixer board, single channel Team Delta interface, 3 NCC 70's and 3 NCC120's. The NCC120's should be fine having come out of SMIDSY, not a clue on the NCC 70's. Interfaces should be ok, but I don't know if the Ian Swann will need reprogramming. £30 takes the lot, but I'm not gonna stop anyone from doing a pick'n'mix. SOLD.
    2 x Electronize 15A and 2 x Electronize 30A (Currently in Katatonic.) The 15A each have a toggleable BEC. Sold
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    Some more pictures of the speedos. Not sure what's going on with the attachments, I'll upload everything to an Imgur gallery in-case it doesn't sort itself out.

    Update: Fixed all the images. Also, just uploading a gallery. They're all here:
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    I'll have the 4QD's and the IMAX B6AC
    Let me know how you want money... postage etc

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    Hi Rob, I've sent you a message.

    Planet 5 radio gear is sold.

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    I did rename my bot to Rampart, I just couldn't find a way to rename the thread. Though I'll have Aegis back if this bot's name is changed.

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    Hi, all PM's replied to.

    Good luck on that Rory! I've suggested here I think that would be best.

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    Katatonic is still available. Original post shows the availability of everything.
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    Still available:
    Electronize 15A/ 30A
    Speed 900s
    Ant Stuff
    Looks like I'll be tossing the pressure guage. I have some twist valves and a solenoid as-well, all from Technobots.

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