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Thread: Cheap ESC

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    Wouldn't waste your money. These are rated to what we call hobby amps. Possibly get away with them in a featherweight but useless for anything larger.

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    Gary is right, i bought a handful off ebay, they are only good for testing motors, most that i used so far burnt out using more than 16 amps, even if they are rated for 20 or 40, its mostly the same components being used for 6-36v universal type ecs.

    i've given some away with motors so people can at least test them and moc up things without spending silly money.

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    Those ain't ESC's for us, but smokebombs.

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    Hadn't seen those ones before, but if it's anything like the £16 '340A' ones I've seen in the past then it's probably not gonna do anything above a feather.. Still, they're near £40, so I'd be interested to have a look inside and see if that extra expense is put towards anything useful other than a waterproof case..

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    Pretty sure if you're willing to spend £40 for a featherweight ESC, you might as well go with a TZ85 anyway, rather than gambling on something relatively untested and unsupported.

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    Those type of ESC's have a very large deadband meaning you can't get lowspeeds out of them. They go straight for 50% throttle.
    Or at least the blue ones I have, have this problem. Though the blue ones only costs 11 euro's straight out of Hong Kong.

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