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Thread: Fuses for LIPOs on Featherweights

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    Quote Originally Posted by maddox10 View Post
    The motor is running that axe for 3 events now. But as an axe it ain't very effective. As selfrighter it's great.

    Gearratio is about 25 to 1.
    Mod1 gears just shear off on the secundary and tertiary stages. So those are mod2.
    ahh more of a BB "Bombshell" point scorer axe then damage axe.

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    I am powering a 135 watt brushed motor with axe through a 2stage gearbox and 2 drills
    I have a 30 amp fuse at moment on the drive side just as using electronise esc on drills but the weapon will take the current draw

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    Pretty simple then, a 100A fuse from car audio or simular will do nicely. Using an 400A forklift fuse would be very very much overkill.

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    Thank you for clarifying for me, will get one of those flat fuses not the maxi ones as the screw terminals look a bit more nicer and mount easier.

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