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Thread: REVRobotics SPARK Speed Controllers

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    Hi all.

    New to robotics building, and looking to see if any of you have any experience with SPARK speed controllers from Texas based REVRobotics, as I don't seem to be able to find any references to them here. I saw them used by a builder on youtube to run a 4wd drill motor based platform, and in the test he did, they seemed to work really well, and they look good, albeit maybe a bit bulky.

    I ask because Amazon sells them and ships to the UK, the downside is that the official website of REVRobotics is being flagged by my anti virus program as being a potential danger, (could just be the program being a bit too careful), that does not necessarily mean the products are dubious.

    I just made my first robotic platform, a simple wooden base with 2 Argos 12v drill motors being run by 2 Botbitz 30a ESC's from , running on a 12v drill battery to get it rolling. I was going to go for the TZ85's, but out of stock. It works well, but I would like to add 2 more motors for 4wd. Maybe running 2 drill motors from each 30a ESC would push them a tiny bit too far, even on a simple test base.

    Of course there are other ESC's (and suggestions very welcome), but the SPARK's seem a solid option for a small, non weaponised design.

    I trust the advice here more than trawling through various US forums in a web search.

    Thank you all!

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    The google provided Revrobotics page is off limits for me, all my protection programs went berserk on that site...

    For batterydrill powered featherweights Team RCC uses the German IBF series of dual ESC's.

    For stronger drives, it's the BotBitz/Ranglebox TZ85A.

    In the past it was the Robot Power Scorpion XXL, Ilyama version.

    For heavies we use the tiny Sidewinder, with an Ilyama modification.

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    Hi maddox10,

    Thank you for the input. Thought it may have been a glitch with my security, but it seems a dodgy site and outfit after all. A shame really, the product looked good. Amazon listing :- .

    I'll translate the German site and check it out.

    Thank you for the information, I appreciate all the help I can get.

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    That's odd, when I go to I don't see anything along those lines. As far as the ESC's go, they're pretty decent. There's a test & teardown video here if you're interested:

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