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Thread: Robot Wars Series VIII - Week 4 Discussion

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    It looked to me that the disc had a bend in it after the fight with Storm II Gary, at least it sounded like it.

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    It finally got bend up to hit the chassis in that fight yeah. Going up against wedges right the way through along with our aerial acrobatics warped the 20mm thick hardox disc up by 10mm so it was knocking the underside of the chassis. New discs will get cut for a second series. Playing with designs now.

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    One thing I forgot to mention - I felt few things hit home better than judge Lucy Rogers' bit on internet forums and other online communication - I was surprised they didn't mention and combat robot sites actually.

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    Hmm, I don't recall reliability ever being an issue before, and they said Team Storm were still worried about burn-outs in the episode anyway. :/

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    I know Storm 2 at live events had Ampflow motors, and no longer the very expensive and fragile LEM130's.

    Another machine that used the LEM's was Brutus. But after eating at least one every live event, that machine went to a replacement for Bosch 750's, and got a lot more reliable after that.

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    In short, no. A number of reasons why,

    - A disc looks cooler (imo) and there are many bar spinners but not many large discs kicking around so I like to be a bit different
    - A disc is much more stable during a collision with an opponent. If you watch the gyro forces acting on carbide or tombstone, the bot generally gets thrown away at funny angles meaning it takes a bit longer to line up for another hit. As a disc has mass all the way around, it's far more stable during a horizontal collision. If you watch some of PP3Ds hits, we either get knocked horizontally across the arena or launched up into the air but we stay near horizontal
    - It's easier to get more of the spinning mass to the outer edge where you want it to store kinetic energy.

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    Because the gyro dancing looks cool

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