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Thread: Common configurations?

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    I forget the exact numbers but it's around 12mph give or take. If you watch PP3D in action both in the arena and on our test drive video via our youtube channel you will see what kind of speed they give us on 10 inch wheels running on 8s (around 32v).

    As far as bolting wheels on, it's easy. When you buy them if you also buy the aluminium adapter plate that robotmarketplace have then this allows you to use standard sack truck style wheels as one of the outer bolt patterns lines up with the 4 bolts that most sack truck wheels have. Just remember that the threads on the motor are imperial but you can get bolts the right thread form on ebay.

    We are moving away from the sack truck wheels as they can't take the abuse that our weapon throws back through the chassis but for a hydraulic crusher or similar they should be more than adequate.

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    I use an old vantec 47E as it's what I had lying around. I plan to look at the rage bridges as an upgrade.

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    As Gary said- we use T-64's and run them of a pair of vyper esc's.

    The T-74's are not as reliable. More power through the small pinion- this is the weakness on the T-64's so putting more power through it makes the issue exponentially worse.

    Also the added weight hanging off the back of the back of the gearbox can cause the casting to break (i asked the same question to a few teams while at Battlebots and that was the general opinion)

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