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Thread: Team Coolspeedbot: first feather weight robot

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    Just a little animation showing the current conceived mechanism idea for the weapon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mackemforever View Post
    Just out of interest, what software are you using for your CAD?
    This isn't a CAD software it's actually a animation and modelling software called Autodesk Maya. I'm only using it cause my Mac can't run Fusion 360 which has been recommended to me before. I know it isn't really ideal for the job but it works for concepts.

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    Forgot to post these, I’ve started making a cardboard mock up of the designed panels to get a sense scale with the electronics.

    Also I've been wondering in regards to the 6 wheel robot design and it's weapon linkage, how does one attach a lifter arm to a shaft? and how do you connect that same shaft to spur gear?

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    Tell you what, all the fully done bits so far look really neat an very solid, well done! Dont worry about upgrading to HDPE should run as is

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    not really solid given it's a test platform, the motors wobble slightly and the polycarb will not last long in battle so upgrading to the actual body made of HDPE is a must.

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    I meant the cardboard haha! Looks good none the less!

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    Finally made a new version of CSB's 2 wheeled design on the computer. In other news I got a sheet of 10mm thick HDPE for Xmas so when I get some new bolts and threaded inserts I'll hopefully have the HDPE parts of the body work finished sometime in the new year and then I'll worry about getting a Hardox panel for the wedge down the line.

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