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Thread: Memoirs of a veteran roboteer

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    Series 7 of robot wars
    Our Robot- Metalis was ready, teething problems regarding the traction were sorted,we were advised
    at the auditions that shortening the pipe in the Co2 tank would prevent any freeze problems
    but I decided it was probably a one off fault and shoulden't happen again.
    This new venue at nottingham didn't seem to have the atmosphere previous venues had
    it was gloomy in fact, channel 5 were to screen series 7 and we got the feeling or
    was it the correspondents with mentorn that hinted at this been the end of the road
    for Robot Wars.
    Our first round group included scrapasaur and ceros and by pure chance ming dienasty.
    We were placed in the same control booth as ming d and decided to work together initially
    as we thought the other teams would do the same.
    All the robots drove out perfectly and things were looking good, I won't describe the battle in detail
    as you can see it in full on youtube, but the fact that we didn't shorten the Co2 pipe came
    back to haunt us and froze again,leaving us with no claw function not flipper and no
    Now dosen't it just annoy you when johnathon pearce says they can't self right,when you know you
    can if the blooming thing hadn't developed a fault.
    Another interesting thing was after we were counted out and then righted by ceros I think-the organisers
    didn't seem to want us to participate in the rest of the battle and tried there best to disable Metalis
    including Growler ramming our robot into the arena sidewall at full pelt-I felt sure he would go through the polycarb.
    Thankyou to Mario for saying "you built a very strong robot" at the end of the battle,just as the dump valve
    on Metalis released a full tank of the frozen Co2.

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    So this was the end,no more Robot Wars on tv and as far as we knew there was nobody running
    events in the UK,the socials must have been up and running because I recall a conversation with
    Kevin Scott about putting Metalis in a robot museum for ex Robot Wars machines.
    I discussed this idea with my team mate and he was quite hostile and we decided to split the
    robot and move on.
    The socials seemed to be the only place to keep up with whats happening, and I attended a number.
    The live events got up and running and I decided to build a new robot for them, Chimera was
    born ,formally known as the Wall ,this machine had 4 incarnations including a Wall,hammer,thwacker
    and grinding blade with sometimes up to 5 years between incarnations and I attended events by
    Roaming Robots and black top productions.
    Chimera's last battle was at the O2 for the uk championships 2011 against Thor, Storm and tiberius,
    the chain for the drive to one wheel came off more or less straight away- after a major onslaught
    by Storm and Thor and I was only able to drive in half circles, I recall the VIP audience ticket
    holdercoming back stage and one father and son asking about my robot, stating it looked really
    good as it drove in, MMM, yes that front profile allways was the best.
    Chimera was sold in 2012.

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    I have decided to build yet another robot for 2016, this will be robot number 7, taking
    time out helps on the ideas front and the robot is 10% built, I have a great name in mind
    and new team mate on board.
    Looking forward to revealing it later this year.

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    I remember barber-ous well,without even checking out old vhs videos, an unusual shape for
    the time with a barbers spiral down its length.
    Gone to the scrappers 6 months ago you say-ruddy Robot Wars 1 year too late and
    I'm more than convinced there are at least 2 dozen similar stories of robots sold
    on or disposed of in a falawn wait for a new tv series that never came in time.

    I have no doubt that numbers of robots will soon be at a level seen in the
    hey days but I just hope the producers do not do it a death like I feel they
    did previous-keep them wanting more is the key but not more the same.

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    I thought I might revive this thread mainly because it seems to have come full circle
    on my original post regarding a visit to a large salvage yard.
    The work on team deaths robot is well underway -we allready have a name for it
    and it will be disclosed at a later date, the chassis is more or less finished and
    work on the weapon mechanism and drive systems are underway.

    So after a disscussion with Adam my team mate, we are planning another trip
    to the large salvage yard that I visited perhaps fifteen years ago now for parts
    for Immortalis.
    The salvage yard in barnsley is called PVS and is mainly a bus dismantlers
    and I recall it been rather interesting clambering aboard vintage buses from the
    1970s and earlier I think.
    Note: thier website states that the yard is not a tourist site and only bonifide
    customers are allowed to enter the site.
    The parts we require are available on E bay at around £100 but because we
    need to get a few sundries as well we think its worth a visit and we can maybe
    put on the build diary- includes Parts from a number 9 bus ?.

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    It's back after 20 years! PIECE DE RESISTANCE
    Well in spirit anyway-I have made a homage to my original creation in the
    Form of a featherweight with bulging eyes and a robot driver in the cockpit
    As before.
    It will be interesting to see how it fairs against seasoned feathers and
    Will make it's debut at robodojo in March 2019.
    What would be good is to see other replicas at said event for nolstagic
    face off .

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    Awsome, would love to see some older bots in featherweight format. I think there was a FW Road Block in Cheltenham?

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    The missing chapter-Mean Machine
    Following the re boot of Robot wars in 2016, Team Death set about building
    yet another robot to take part in the show, Ref :Team Death New Heavyweight.

    Speaking for myself, there is nothing better than Robot Wars for showing
    off your creation to a wider audience, although a good live event with a
    large audience gives you that being there feeling.

    So series 8 had been aired and Adam and myself were starting to build
    the Mean Machine mainly in a four hour slot on Sunday afternoon.
    I remember telling Adam that it was quite important to crack on with
    the Robot because we didn't know how long the current series of
    the Robot Wars series might run for.
    Series 9 of Robot Wars came and went and we were not quite ready for
    series 10 either.....then the news I was dreading Robot Wars cancelled.

    Disappointment was an understatement but Team Death had a unusual
    new heavyweight and it needed to be seen.

    I discussed going to a live event with Adam and we decided that Robots
    Live would be good due to the no spinner policy.

    The Mean Machine performed really quite well and it had 3 good battles
    including one against Apollo which managed to flick our Robot at least
    5 feet in the air.
    Adam got to drive in the last fight and was on cloud nine at the end.

    The VIP ticket holders came to look around the pits and I was over
    the moon to get a crowd around our Robot with Adam telling them
    all about it-priceless

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    Adam got to drive in the last fight and was on cloud nine at the end.

    The VIP ticket holders acme to look around the pits and i was over the moon to get a crowd and around Robot with Adam telling all about it - priceless

    This was definitely one of the highest points for me in that year! Hopefully they'll be many more opportunities to be a part of that again at a live event.

    I fully recall going full throttle straight into the middle of the arena, not wanting to be that guy who timidly stays at the edge. We learnt that Mean Machine can go toe to toe with two Robot Wars winners (Eruption & Apollo), be flipped by both, and still be in one piece. All that welding and metal sure paid off.

    Hopefully I'll be there again with Colin & Mean Machine, or another contraption!

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