After 22 years Piece de resistance is now an Icon .
For some roboteers it's all about having a winning robot and for others it's about the fun of taking
part and I have always been in the later category-though it's nice to get a win occasionally.
A recent video on You Tube shows the top 100 icons from Robot Wars and Piece de Resistance
makes the grade at number 92 !.

Yes I know there are other videos for Sh**Bots of Robot Wars and it makes the number one spot but
I say there is no such thing as bad publicity and where some drool over a wedge bot others see them as
a bit of a bore so it's just an individual opinion after all is said and done.
This has been the year of Covid 19 and general disruption of normal life but it does not mean life should
be at a standstill.
After getting the symptoms of Corona virus early in the year and self isolating for two weeks I have
generally been busy with work since and in my spare time I have got my featherweights up to spec
and half finished the re vamp of the Mean Machine.

I have a notion to sponsor an featherweight Robot event for Robots made from recycled materials
where 50% of the bodywork should be recognisable as an everyday object with prize money for
1st 2nd and 3rd places.