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Thread: PlastiPrint 3D - 3D printing

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    Do you need to have something 3D printed? Founded in 2014, PlastiPrint 3D Ltd was set up to provide high quality 3D printing services to the oil and gas industry. Using a combination of Stereolithography and FDM printing solutions we can provide high quality 3D prints for a range of applications.

    Using our custom built, fully enclosed and heated FDM printer we can print up to a massive 14 inches in each of the x,y and z axis in a range of materials including,

    - PLA
    - ABS
    - Nylon

    Our stereolithography printer can produce high quality models with an incredible level of detail down to 300 microns.

    All available in a range of colours and finishes. We are constantly expanding our range of materials so if there is something you have your eye on then please feel free to challenge us!

    Full CAD modelling services using solidworks available.

    More details can be found at or drop me an email at Special rates for combat robot applications!

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    Should be. Drop me an email at and let me know what you have in mind.

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