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Thread: Newbie/oldbie

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    Hello. Really nice to be on here. Talking to you guys/girls.

    Well I've bin watching robot wars from start to finish since the idot jerry Clarkson presented the program.

    Any way im looking into building a battle bot at really low cost. I can build one easy enough that I've been welding since the age of 16 and also I work in garden machinery. So there will be not trouble of me getting motors electric and small 2 stroke engines.

    But im struggling to find out is how you connect the electric's from the bot and send the signals to your controller. That's what's baffling me the most.

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    Hi James,

    Have you read the rules yet? If so which weight would you like to start in? I recommend the featherweight if its your first and your handy with tools. Once you've decided on the weight, then we can start helping you with the electrics, which by the way are not difficult.

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    Welcome James!

    To save us repeating ourselves, you are the 3rd or 4th person to join the forum recently, so first read the Build Rules as Gabriel quite rightly suggests and then I would read through the various Build Logs in that section of the forum. Every question you could ever ask, and I mean this literally, has already been answered in those sections so they are the best place to start.

    Below are several of the new starters threads, just like you, as well as several build logs of existing/veteran teams that are worth a good read!

    New Guys -

    Existing- [Diary of Rango the 3rd Seed in 2014, built by Ellis Ware] [Diary of Drumroll, one of the longest running drum spinners by Jamie McHarg] [Covers 360, 540, 720 and 722, 4 amazing robots by David Moulds] [My teams own thread, contains a lot of basic stuff near the start, good to see the progression of a design over time]

    There are many others out there. Richie the £50 FW is a good one for building a very effective machine on a budget, NST is basically engineering pornograpy along with the Big Nipper thread.

    Have fun reading and good luck!

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    Thank you for that. I'm looking to build a bot the same weight class as robot wars witch is 100kg (Heavyweight)

    I can easily get hold of scrap steel like sheets scaffold tubes wheels for free . I'm looking to build a ruff and rusty robot with all its welding.

    I can get hold of 1000wat lawnmower motors easy enough witch can power the wheels and also the same motor to power a spinging weapon out of old saw bench disc that I can customize
    (Seems that I do garden machinery be easy to get hold of)

    Can anyone give me a nice simple list of electric parts that I need. I have an old tamya rc car is that any good or am I being stupid now

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    Everyone will say the same, don't start with a Heavyweight robot. Go Feather/Beetle.

    As for the Lawnmower and Tamya... read the build threads and you will understand why those are not suitable.

    There are numerous lists of parts in those build threads too so you just need to read them.

    Can't fault your enthusiasm but you need to pretty much disregard any preconceptions you may have about how to build a robot. I had to do the same thing with my first FW.

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    Is there a website were u can buy electrical parts

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    First you need to decide on what kind of robot you want to build. I recommend for the first one something simple preferably non spinner and all electric.

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    The thread above has what you need

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    Regarding above, those are Heavyweight motors - itd be best to stick to others advice and start with featherweights.

    Electronically, youd need at the very least a receiver, transmitter, ESC, batteries, and motors. As you start to include weapons and so on it becomes more complicated, however those along with wiring and connectors (remembering a removable link) are the basic electronic start points.

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