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Thread: Rotating Weapons

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    Circular saws, chain saws, diamond cutting disks and so on do share a weakness.

    Try to cut something that is moving randomly.

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    Currently, any spinning weapons are banned in UK heavyweight arenas. Pretty much everything you might want to use counts as a spinning weapon, the only exception is: "Full body spinning robots with an eccentric mass, are excluded from this section unless they spin over 500 revolutions per minute." FRA Build Rules, Section 11.

    Also, 99% of robots do not use off the shelf saw blades, they are just to fragile. There are some that do, namely robots like SOB and Gloomy, both American bots, but there are currently none in the UK.

    A final note, if this is your first robot build... don't build a Heavyweight. Start with a Featherweight, or a Beetleweight. The costs tend to spiral out of control on your first few builds and building a HW, even when you know exactly what you are doing and can call in a few favours, will cost at least £1000, usually triple that. Start with a FW or BW and then that way you can build whatever you like as we have a Class 1 arenas for Feathers and Beetles, ie: Full Combat with Insane Spinners, Flippers, Crushers etc. Much more fun!

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    If your sawblade will not shatter, it should be fine. Basically anything that's not hardened steel or angle grinder discs shouldn't shatter, though make sure you check before you buy. Tempered steel should be fine, you just don't want hardened steel that will explode and send shards of very sharp metal flying in all directions. That said, it's totally down to the event organiser, so you'll want to ask them before you sign up.
    Sawbots are on the up recently, seemingly inspired by the success of bots like Red Devil, Skorpios and Sawblaze, so of course a circular saw is in the spirit of the competition. As for what competitions you want to use them at, I'm not sure if sawblades are allowed at non-spinner events, since they're quite damaging but they don't carry a lot of inertia like most spinning weapons. A sure bet would be an Extreme Robots event (which allows spinners) or if you're in the Leeds/Sheffield area, Robodojo has promised a spinner-capable feather arena by October. Best of luck with your build!

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