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Thread: BattleBots UK competitors :)

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    As many of you are aware BattleBots has been commissioned in America on ABC. UK competitors have now shipped their machines off and not eagerly awaiting our flights out at the end of the week to go and take on the Americans in the BattleBox for the first time a series has been filmed for 12 years!

    There was a very tough application process, normally they had well over 100 heavyweights turn up - this time it's down to 24 of the worlds best which required full drawings and designs of the machines, wiring diagrams and team videos.

    Sadly not all the UK teams made it through which we are gutted about as I think there was great potential for them, but 3 teams got accepted into the show and 2 others on the reserves list.

    Team Razer: Ian, Simon, Gillian & James
    Team Robo Challenge: Grant, John & Mouldy
    Team Makerobotics: Kane, Ant & Kevin
    Team Robots Live: Alan, Sam, Helen
    The other team have not yet announced publically that they're going yet so I will keep this quiet until they say.
    Really looking forward to this now, we have all had a very exciting couple of months re-designing and building our new machines to take over and I must admit they're looking good! We will post pictures as and when we can, however we currently need to keep most of it under wraps.

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    Are you allowed to say which teams are accepted, and which teams are on the reserve list?

    Good luck to all involved, everyone will be cheering for you

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    I don't see why not - the top 3 are defiantly in, the other 2 in my above list are reserves but likely to get in I think.

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    Can you say who didn't get accepted to Battlebots?

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    The best of luck to you all.

    But I agree, it's photo/discryption time.

    I already know off the new Warhead, found some info and pics on the German website.
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    Very much looking forward to this, good luck guys!

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    Warhead have a officially Facebook Site...

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    Ill be taking quite a few pictures while there, Doubt we will be allowed to publish them until afters its all been shown on tv though.

    A few other obvious UK teams applied and didn't make the grade.

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    I would have applied but didn't know who you applied to, I doubt if my type of robot would have been any good anyway.
    still so glad a good contingent of UK Roboteers are out that way. bring back the nut guys.

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