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Thread: Help with choosing parts for a first robot, please.

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    I'm in the process of buying the parts for my first robot, and I just wanted ask you guys if you think this would run ok without causing damage to the electronic components/blowing up horribly. And if this combination of parts would be problematic, what are the alternatives? I'm a student taking a year out between high school and University, so I have pretty limited budget. Having said that, I'm trying not to buy parts so cheap that they will break and need replacing within a relatively short time.

    2 x Black & Decker CD12C 12v Cordless Drill Driver
    Turnigy 2200mAh 4S 30C Lipo Pack -I've read a bit about 'over volting'. Would this battery be ok for the motors?
    2 x Botbitz 85A ESC
    FlySky 2.4ghz transmitter and receiver

    Also, I was going to buy a FingerTech Mini Power Switch, as it was recommended in this video by Robowars Australia on Youtube. However I understand that in the UK robots need a removable link for competition. As I didn't think I'd be entering this robot into a competition, I thought the switch would be ok. Is that safe? Or would a removable link be preferable, even if the robot won't be used in combat?

    Any help would be really appreciated!
    Thanks very much.

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    First off, welcome

    Secondly, even though I'm unaware how well the flysky will work, the esc's and motors should do fine.

    Thirdly, Try using a removeable link from the start. Combat or not, safety is always an issue

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    Cool, thanks very much!
    I've chosen the FlySky cause people give it great reviews, though in these reviews it's being used to control RC planes, not robots. Are there any (Not very expensive) transmitters/receivers you would recommend?

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    I hope the FlySky failsafes on the right (all) channels.

    But I support Niels in his removable link point. Adding a link to the switch isn't a big deal, and makes your machine useable for events, when it comes to that.

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    Actually, turns out the FlySky does not have a failsafe activated upon signal loss. So thanks for mentioning that! Are there any transmitters/receivers you recommend?

    Right, I'll be sure to add a removable link then. Thanks!

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    Depending on how competent you feel with wiring/soldering, you can pick up an older 40MHz radio with a bunch of fancy features and then solder a 2.4GHz conversion kit into it. Gets you a versatile transmitter at the fraction of a cost of a 2.4GHz specific model with similar features. The conversion kit I use is by FrSky, and the failsafing and binding procedures on those are fantastic, as a few others will testify. I don't have the links to the necessary components handy at the moment as I'm on my phone but I'll post them up later.

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    Welcome to the community.
    Some one will come along shortly and recommend the cheaper orange one which works great on a budget. I favor the Spektrum series just because they haven't failed me.
    My two cents is I don't know your experience with construction but if its new then I recommend HDPE. You can make a very decent featherweight with a jigsaw and and a drill. Plan everything out. You want to make sure you don't waste materials by making a chassis too small.
    Definitely have a link.
    Be careful with your wiring. Shorting out your robot and destroying all your electronics is very achievable at any level of experience.

    Good luck. Keep us posted

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    One thing you should have if you use LiPo batteries in the UK is a fuse, this can and quite often is also the removable link.
    normally I the use the automotive spade type.

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    Thanks very much for the advice. To be honest I have absolutely zero wiring/soldering experience. But it's a skill I'm obviously going to need to learn if I want to build combat robots. If you could post those links when you get the chance that would be fantastic, thanks!

    I've heard about that orange one but I can't find any websites that have them in stock. Yeah, I'm totally new to construction. Previously I just thought about using MDF (I don't intend to use this first robot in combat.) but plastic is something I hadn't thought about. Thanks very much for your advice!

    Cool, thanks! I will research into that!
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