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Thread: Argos drill output shaft

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    Does anyone happen to have a spare output shaft from an Argos drill gearbox?
    Richie somehow managed to strip the thread off of one of it's drive motors during the last day of the champs, and I don't really fancy buying a whole new drill just for the sake of one component if someone has one they no longer need.. I'll be at Burgess Hill, so if anyone heading there has one, that'd be awesome

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    Never Mess With THE SAINT

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    Not sure, it'd need to be more or less identical to the drill motor shafts... Does anyone know if there's any difference between these and standard drill shafts?

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    Most of the cheap drills use the same shafts.

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    It's ok, Haz sent one along to Burgess hill so all sorted now (Thanks Haz ). Thanks for the offer though.

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