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Thread: toy conversion

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    One word: punctuation.

    As for your question, you need a small receiver, 2 modded servos that can turn 360 degrees, 1 normal servo, and a battery.

    For a fancier version, 2 microdrive motors, 2 small esc's or 1 small dual motor esc, a servo, a receiver and a battery.

    You either use the 2 modified servos or the microdrive motors to power the wheels, and the servo to make the flipper lift.

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    I imagine just using a kit like Rory supplies would work.

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    It's so funny, I've had the exact same idea. Sadly, I could only find a tornado, but it's nearly done. Have you heard of razzler or Antomkia? Those teams also had that idea. Once the mechanism is removed, they're actually easy to modify. Personally, I'm using a sabretooth 5A, two micro gearmotors (300 RPM I think), a 7.2v 800mah NiMH battery (I don't bother with LiPo) and a hobbying 6ch receiver. These are obviously more than some other options listed and can't go into smaller areas without much modifying (as I'm realising, but working on) but they are of higher quality (well, LiPo would be more efficient but it's not worth the effort in my eyes) and are a bit more powerful. I think you should go for it, tornado is also a good choice seen as it has that detachable wedge and a good mount for a small disc (you could get a metal one cut and attach a motor or something) but I'm going for a lifting scoop. Good luck
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    Did you ever manage to finish yours Theo? How did it come along? Any videos?

    Bad Wolf

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    I’ve still got the hollowed chassis, however I realised fairly quickly that all my parts were way too big. Only a NanoTwo will cut it, space was much scarier than anticipated. Sorry

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    Ahhh gutted! would love to see something like that!

    Bad Wolf

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    Definitely on the bucket list, however I need to focus on a few other things first.

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