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Thread: FRA FW 2015 World Championships - Hosted by Robo Challenge

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    Hello Everyone!

    We are very excited to announce Robo Challenge will be hosting the 2015 Fighting Robots Featherweight World Championships next year at the Gadget Show Live from April 9th to the 12th! There are lots of details we need to confirm such as qualifying entries, how to register, competition rules and testing days but the event is 100% confirmed. Please keep checking back for the latest updates coming shortly

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    I'm in, very excited

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    5 months to repair a broken brush casing and lose 70g... easy. Flow's in

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    I 'm out.

    Said no FW builder ever
    Jamie McHarg
    RogueTwo Robots

    With great power, comes great reliability.

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    Hatchet will be there, once i've got the original back, salvaged it for parts, designed and built a new one and tested it.....5 months is loads of time right?

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    If it's not the week before that you're finishing your bot then you're not doing it right.

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    Do we have any idea who is coming from outside of Europe besides Nick and Mr Mangle?
    Is their any word from the US or Brazil?

    As for Conker 3 and Binky, both need new weapons, both need some modifications to allow then to get under opponents. Conker needs its rear bar replacing and the new battery cage welding in and Binky needs a new wiring loom and a new weapon drive assembly... quite a lot to do!

    On the upside I am not building a whole new robot for the first time before an event which will make things easier.

    Bring on the carnage!

    (We could really do with a proper recording set up to capture everything. I would love to do it but I cant camera operate and fix robots at the same time)

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    Streaming this event would be awesome but the internet in the venue would cost a hell of a lot .

    I'm presuming the UK and World champs are not the same event? The winners name goes on the UK champs trophy?

    Regardless, I'm in .

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    Doesn't the NEC have free wi-fi? I'm pretty sure it does, whether that would be too slow for a decent stream or not is another question.

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    It does but it's rubbish

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