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    Hello all,

    Proudly launching! First line of products now available via the shop. Check it out!


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    2015 is looking bright for Ranglebox!

    I am on the verge of striking a deal with Botbitz, whereby Ranglebox becomes an official UK and EU stockist of Botbitz products.

    To make sure I have stock of the items you want, could those expecting to make an order either PM me or post here with your predicted purchases. Should the deal be struck UK stock could be available as soon as a month from now.

    Happy New Year to all!


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    It would cut down on shipping time.

    Well done

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    UK Botbitz stock confirmed! 10a and 85a Botbitz ESCs will be available through Ranglebox before long! 30a models will become available as backlog clears at the Australian end.

    As for stocking other items, watch this space. Several products are in the pipeline for this year, all of which are likely to interest the community.

    Facebook page for more regular RB updates will be live soon.


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    Once they're available from Aus I'll get them onto the store as quickly as possible.


    News! Go to Ranglebox Home and see the 28th of January update which has info on an exciting project!
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    Botbitz UK stock is here! 10a and TZ85a ESCs will be listed on Ranglebox very soon. If you want to order now, before the site is updated, message me and we can work it out.

    Some 10a ESCs have already been snatched up so it's first come first serve until more stock arrives.


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