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Thread: The Pulse of Awakening (RPG)

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    Since Identity Theft ran dry and The Last Oddestsey is ending, there has to be something in this section that keeps it active. So... why not Zoidb - I mean, another RPG?


    What I Need


    Any amount of people can enter, as long as they are active. If they are inactive for as long a time as I see fit during that time without a valid excuse, they will be killed off. :P

    People who enter need to fill out two stat sheets. The first is below. Also, about powers, do not make your character too powerful, as I will be adding handicaps and weaknesses to characters that enter, perhaps even to characters that are already given those, and I will come down hard on uber characters.

    Real name: (this can be the same as the above, if you so wish)
    Gender: (male/female/ambiguous)
    Race/Species: (for RPG reasons, you cannot be a machine, our your physical self must not be comprised of machinery more than 30%)
    Description: (give me a short summary of the character and/or a attached picture, if you please)
    History: (optional)
    Power(s): (not too many please)

    Strength: (physical prowess)
    Will: (willpower, mental prowess if applicable)
    Stamina: (physical defense, endurance)
    Speed: (agility, stealth)
    Intelligence: (quick-thinking, good reflexes, and ingenuity)
    Perception: (ability to easier detect truth/lies, and precognition to a degree)
    Somewhat like The Last Oddestsey, this will be character specific and you do not need to follow a specific storyline. Also you can join after the RPG starts, I welcome late comers.

    I think that's all for now. Ask questions! Some I can answer, and some I can't (or won't, depending on the question :P). The plot will be revealed later. Get entering!

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    Is this an anything goes setting like Oddestsey I take it?

    Otherwise, I'll start pondering a character...

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    Been a long time since I entered anything like this, so will see how I go.
    Let me know if this is bending rules or isn't accepted within your plans.

    Real name: Max Anderson / Maxine Anderson
    Gender: Max = Male, Maxine = Female
    Race/Species: Human
    Description: A single person with split personality and a physical transformation between them. The change between the personalities is not something either can control, however it can be triggered when the dominate personality becomes unconscious or goes to sleep. Max is 180cm tall, medium build, blue grey eyes and shoulder length black hair. He is a relatively quite person, who only speaks when necessary and holds a lot of pride in being honest, faithful and trustworthy. Maxine is 170cm tall, light build, sapphire blue eyes and shoulder length black hair with a white strip in her fringe to the left side. She is almost the polar opposite of Max, she is an over bearing person, who spits words like venom and is holds herself above anyone else.
    History: Originally a single personality/person, Max being the dominant person until his 16th birthday, where he experienced a sudden loss of 4 days of his life. These missing 4 days was when Maxine first manifested and went on a crazed bender of violence, crime and egotripping. Ever since then there has been a constant struggle between the two to maintain control, to ensure they survive.
    Max - Fast healing (Cuts and grazes heal in minutes, broken bones in hours), Eidetic Memory (The ability to recall images, sounds or objects in memory with high precision for short and long periods of time), Quick Learner (Able to learn things extremely quick just by watching movements or examples, aided by his Memory) and Proficient Martial Artist (The usually styles, he dislikes using weapons).
    Maxine - Fast healing (Just like Max, she can heal fast), Proficient Bladesmen (If it's a blade or sharp, she can swing it with deadly accuracy) and Advanced Perception (The ability to see the perfect method or option for completing a task ie: Throwing a grenade and bouncing it off 3 perfect deflection surfaces to land it right under an opponent).

    Max's Stats
    Strength: 8
    Will: 6
    Stamina: 8
    Speed: 6
    Intelligence: 7
    Perception: 5

    Maxine's Stats
    Strength: 3
    Will: 7
    Stamina: 6
    Speed: 8
    Intelligence: 9
    Perception: 7

    Will get some sort of image up when I can

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    Name: Commander David Shepard (as a rule his first name is virtually never used and he always refers to himself as Commander Shepard).

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Human

    Description: A human who was born with the somewhat rare (at least among humans) biotic abilities though more limited than others born with biotic potential. As such he seldom experiences the same severe headaches that more powerful wielders experience. Spending a majority of his life living on starships, he also has fairly decent technological prowess. He is about 6 feet tall and and age is 29. Not quite as physically imposing as you might expect (though still no slouch, he's in good shape just not a typical muscled up action hero), he relies on his powers to fight from a distance and disrupt enemy defenses rather than rely on straight up brute force, and uses Tech Armor (see below) to bolster defense when needed.

    He is willing to help out anyone for the right cause. Socially he is a very amiable person, but will not hesitate to put someone in their place if they threaten or disrespect one of his friends or allies.

    Picture: image_zps3766fcdf.jpg

    History: Both of his parents are in the Alliance military and as such his childhood was spent on ships and stations as they transferred from posting to posting, never staying int the same location for more than a few years at a time. He enlisted in the Alliance military at age 18 and has risen to the rank of Commander. His mother is currently a Captain in the Alliance Navy. His father's status is unknown (presumably deceased).

    His finest moment to date was rallying his small force to defeat an overwhelming force of Batarian slavers. His leadership in that moment earned him the respect of his fellow soldiers and also high recognition from Alliance Fleet.


    -Tech Armor: He is able to activate an additional layer of protection that will absorb a moderate amount of damage before detonating (it can also be detonated manually and there is a 5 minute recharge either way once it's detonated. It provides a 45% reduction in damage taken while active. It also provides a 35% boost to any other power used while active, but increases their recharge time by 75%. The detonation has a force of 480 Newtons within a 3.6 meter radius (Tech Armor is not subject to it's own power boosting obviously). All following powers strength, duration, and recharge is listed WITHOUT Tech Armor taken into consideration.

    -Throw: A small biotic projectile (roughly the size of a softball) thrown at high velocity that can hit a target with a force of 900 Newtons. Has a 1 minute recharge time.

    -Cryo Blast: Shepard fires a small mass of super-cooled subatomic particles capable of either snap-freezing unprotected targets or slowing the movement speed of protected targets for 6 seconds. Non-frozen targets are both weakened and have their movement speed reduced by 35% for that duration. Frozen targets can be shattered during their frozen period if hit with sufficient weapon fire or something else with strong force. Using this power drains Shepard's power by 1% every time he uses it, but he can gain that back after 1 minute which is also the power's recharge time.

    Overload: Can shut down an enemy unit's shields, disrupt any electronic device or weapon, or stun an unprotected enemy for 6 seconds. Carries a recharge time of 2 minutes.

    Note: Throw is generated by Shepard's biotic ability (similar to The Force in Star Wars for comparison) thrown from his right arm. Conversely Tech Armor, Cryo Blast, and Overload are triggered by Shepard's Omni-Tool, which is a holographic arm guard (fitted over his left arm) that is invisible when inactive, and becomes opaque whenever being used. In the Mass Effect series, it is capable of a myriad of different useful functions that would be too broken for the purposes of this RPG. Here it is mostly just a visual indicator of his Tech abilities and can provide a readout of what his current recharge status is (including Throw despite it being a Biotic ability, but I can provide an accurate technobable excuse as to why it makes sense if necessary). Here's what it looks like:

    Also, as a military officer Shepard is reasonably competent with firearms, but he's mostly limited to proficiency with smaller weapons like Pistols. Larger weapons (such as shotguns, sniper rifles, etc.) he can use in a pinch, but with noticeably less skill (being a Biotic and Tech user he never really got that advanced weapons training from the military).

    Strength: 7
    Will: 6
    Stamina: 7
    Speed: 6
    Intelligence: 10
    Perception: 4
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    Looking good so far.

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    NFX's Avatar

    I have just come out of the Oddestsey, having become well acquainted with its own special brand of ludicrosity. Hopefully this isn't too far-fetched a concept for here.

    Real name: RM 2109 Epsilon Mira
    Gender: N/A
    Race/Species: Illuxion
    Description: Mira is a somewhat unusual individual upon first glance, being made entirely of light. As such, they are able to change their physical form almost instantaneously, although always remain roughly the same size. They obtain energy primarily from exposure to stellar objects, e.g. suns, and also from other light sources, but not nearly as much. Having more energy makes them brighter, having less energy makes them dimmer and eventually they begin to turn slightly transparent. Their energy dissipates very gradually over time simply for them to remain visible and thus alive.

    Although they can make themself appear to stand still and walk, in reality they are leaping back and forth over distances in the order of nanometers billions of times a second. Being composed solely of light, they cannot interact with matter under normal circumstances. It takes a rather large amount of energy for them to do so, and even more for them to actually move objects.

    History: Being relatively young by Illuxion standards, Mira has spent the last hundred thousand years or so as an almost nomadic wanderer, rocketing through space from one inhabited planet to another, their equivalent of 'seeing the world'. Gathering experiences and various bits of knowledge about the planets they have visited, Mira - still with a certain wonder or naivete about them - wishes to both explore and enjoy this new world before continuing their journey, one day returning home and telling tales of their grand galactic adventures.

    Power(s): Being made entirely of light, this offers Mira a number of what could be considered 'powers'.
    Light Speed: Exactly what it says on the tin, Mira has the capacity to travel and otherwise move at the speed of light. Although this often proves impractical spare for interstellar travel - the faster they move, the less precise they are with their movements.
    Lasers: Under concentration, and using a little energy, Mira can direct a beam of light to temporarily blind foes. They can also generate and focus a laser to cut through objects up to a few inches in thickness, but this requires almost total concentration, along with much greater amounts of energy and time, depending on the material being cut through.
    Shape Shift:
    Mira is capable of changing their physical form in order to better fit in with their surroundings, should the situation call for it. However, they are basically a hologram, with no real physical properties aside from shape and colour. Becoming blue or purple also requires a little more energy than becoming red or yellow, and it is pretty much impossible for them to appear black.

    Strength: 8
    Will: 6
    Stamina: 9
    Speed: 5
    Intelligence: 8
    Perception: 4

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    Alright, good, good. Now...

    Max/Maxine's handicap - after every transformation, the character's abilities are weakened and are not at full power until 10 seconds after the transformation

    Shepard's handicap - already included in Shepard's stats, as discussed with Josh.

    Mira's handicap - Mira can only use Light Speed in straightaways. If Mira bounces off an object while using Light Speed, it will lose too much energy and have to recuperate for a short period of time, unable to use any of its abilities


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    Sounds fair to me. =) That's kinda the idea I had with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kodster View Post
    Max/Maxine's handicap - after every transformation, the character's abilities are weakened and are not at full power until 10 seconds after the transformation
    Since Max/Maxine need to be asleep/unconscious for the transformation to happen, I'd expect them to be a bit off game when they come to, so that's a fair handicap

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    Alter-ego: Saker
    Real name: Fahima Bashir
    Gender: Female
    Species: Spirit-bonded Human
    - Long ago, a mysterious group of Archmages living deep in the Desert crafted 12 suits of magical armour, each made from the spiritual energy of a different animal of the desert. The suits were gifted to the noblest of warriors to protect their land from evil, both human and spiritual. The spirit-armours bond to the wearers soul so they can never be removed as long as their owner live. Each suit grants a specific set of powers, all of which can appear whether the physical armour manifests a particular time or not.
    Description: Will do a picture later, but appears as a central asian woman in her mid twenties of average build.
    History: Fahima unknowingly bought the Falcon-bracelet at a market and bonded to the spirit within, gaining the powers it grants.
    Powers: - Spectral Talons - Spectral energy can form blades on hands and/or feet for combat.
    - Minor Wind Powers - Very low level - enough to cushion a fall from any height, allows for multiplying the power of a jump or deflect lighter physical projectiles.
    - Desert Cloak - A cloak of spectral feathers that camoflage Fahima and muffle noises she makes.

    Strength: 8
    Will: 5
    Stamina: 4
    Speed: 18
    Intelligence: 4
    Perception: 1

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