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Thread: The Pulse of Awakening (RPG)

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    Saker decides to go and try and gather up the next nearest member of the team on the map, and search for anything that can be used to reinforce the base on the way. Moving cautiously and stealthily, waiting for enemies to carry on past if possible rather than confronting them. No point risking people knowing about my presence.

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    As the duo made their way down through the numerous floors of the facility, Mira couldn't help but glance cautiously at whichever darkened corner happened to catch her eye. This whole thing could easily be a trap, after all. Until she figured out how the group had arrived and why, she couldn't really trust anyone. Or anything. Not even Rowan, truth be told.

    He knows how to avoid detection...well, that's certainly useful, the Illuxion thought. If he could keep himself concealed from the robots for this long, perhaps he does know something that could help the group. The cowled figure then asked her if she had any questions for him. But for the time being, in the inconsistently assembled corridor she found herself in, it was impossible for her to isolate just one from her swimming, crowded mind.

    "I think I have too many questions at this point," she told him, "Every answer I've gotten so far has only made matters worse." Glancing behind her at the path they had taken, Mira let out a resigned sigh. At least if she did find a way out of this place, it would make one hell of a good story to tell back home.

    "Go for it, open the door."

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    (struggling to find the motivation to continue this, but if Marti does well with reviving his own RPG, I might as well continue this. It's only been less than 2 months after all :V)

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    (I, for one, cannot wait to find out what's behind that door. )

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    "Right, time to spice things up a bit", Gunrod says, as he starts loudly running up and down the corridor.

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    (Martijn, you didn't do well with reviving your own RPG, so I'm afraid this is now dead too.

    Sorry. :V)

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