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Thread: Cheap Drive ESC

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    Bought these 2 ESCs ( for £10 and have put them in a quickly thrown together Beetleweight entirely un-modded. They work a treat, although they don't have braking on center stick, but that's not too much of a problem..


    One of the modded pair of these that I'm running in my featherweight blew a MOSFET at the last event, but that was due to overheating as I just had it wrapped in heatshrink. I've replaced the blown FET and fitted some heat sinks and it's all working fine again

    The pair of '340A' escs also arrived, but after detailed inspection it appears that they didn't have any proper gate driver circuitry, meaning that the MOSFETS are switching very inefficiently. I mean it worked, but it got warm just running small motors. There isn't much hope of running 40A through them for long that's for sure! I've started work designing my own Heavyweight ESCs now instead. They'll be largely based off a TZ85 just with different MOSFETS and without all the extra bits for brushless..
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    Nice to see some Cybot motors/gearboxes surfacing :P
    Tried using four in a 3kg sumo bot a few years ago but they didn't quite make the grade.
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    Yup They actually work pretty well as beetle drive units; speed is lacking on 2 cell, but they have pretty good grip and torque... and were free in my case which is the main reason why they were used :P

    Yeah, they need heavily modding to use in anything with much more than a 3 amp draw; the ones doing the drive in my featherweight have been modified beyond recognition; the only thing that's original is the BEC system and the gate drive circuitry; everything else has been upgraded... still, cost less than buying proper ESCs and made for a fun project

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    Cybot motors in a BW? Why did I not think of this. Hopefully my old Cybot stuff hasn't been thrown out, could make the next project a lot cheaper...

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    Finally got around to testing one of my N2HV ESCs with beetleweight motors, and to my great surprise it actually works fairly well! It does lock up if it goes from forward to reverse too fast, but other than that it worked fine. I'll try and reduce the lockup effect further, but I make no guarantees..

    Here's a video showing it working and the lock up effects:

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    They are available for sale, however they need some further development and testing before they're suitable for use in a beetle.

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