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Thread: Wheely Big Cheese

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    Does anyone know what size ram Wheely Big Cheese used when it did the massive flip on Iron Awe on robotwars? And what pressure it ran?

    Slightly more ambitious but also does anyone know the lever ratio if the flipper?


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    When it made that flip I have heard it was illegally running nitrogen at the full 1000 psi.

    The ratio can be roughly calculated in the videos but it is an appalling ratio, probably like 10/1 and the angle at the star of every flip also makes the design very inefficient.

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    ditto what alex said, looked like a smallish bore ram too, and very long yet somehow gave a flip on parr with todays powerful flippers. so that does sound like thats what he could have done

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    TBH, in the heavyweights there is no point building a WBC because you will never be able to run it at full spec as it would launch robots into the crowd. The feathers though it could be fun! It might take more time to actuate but the heights you would get would be incredible.

    That is actually 1 thing that WVC had on its side. Because the arm was so long it was spending more time in contact and transferring more force over a longer period (I think). Most flippers a short and dump it all in one go so half way through their stroke their opponent has already left the end of the arm where as WBC was able to extend that time to get those massive flips. (This is all just guess work the reality may be that it sucks)

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    Alex you are right. If you watch the footage then it's obvious that rather than a shock unload of energy, WBC tended to more gently lift but then continue to impart energy over a longer period of time.

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    I have to do a maths project and am doing flipper calculations to calculate the flight of a robot given information such as the ram size, leverage ratio and angle of flipper blade at start. I want to try to do the WBC flip as an example but need estimated of the setup. Looking at picture the ram looks about 1m stroke by cant figure out bore.
    If anyone has/knows if another video of an amazing flip/oota I guess I could do that instead if the information about the system is more easily available.

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    Find its heat and then wind through to the shots of it in the pits area. You may get a better look there. I would guess that its a 60mm or 70mm bore ram but given its just a question, if you get it wrong it doesn't matter.

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    got a pic of Shane sat in it you can see the ram

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    Looks to be about the same bore as the width of his feet at the time

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