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Thread: LYNX Beetleweight

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    One massive weapon and hardly any wheels. Should be interesting

    It's a major effort I have to admit but I fear you'll end up shortening the blade and getting some more wheel like substitutes for those rubber bands. None the less, I hope it will work like a charm.

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    It doesn't seem to lack any driveability at this stage but i haven't tested it in an arena yet, i don't see it being a major problem but i'll see what happens.

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    Have you tried driving it while it's spinning?

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    A little yeah, it didn't seem too bad considering how large the weapon is, it has a little trouble turning in the direction the blade is going but nothing that's going to cause a problem. I'll know more when i test it in the arena next week, the floor i was driving it on here is laminate flooring so literally no grip.

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    Major update time!

    Took Lynx down to Team Hell's workshop the other day to put it through it's paces, there are some problems that need addressing but overall the design seems fairly stable. I will however now be rebuilding the chassis to make the robot smaller and stronger and a new slightly shorter bar made from 4mm Hardox will be getting made seeing as the Lawnmower blade was not up to the task, even at half speed the tips sheared off and the bar bent and twisted. The machine definitely has plenty of power and it's not completely horrible to drive, the rebuild is already underway so it shouldn't be long before it's terrifying the beetle masses again.

    I can't be bothered to post all of the videos from the day so i'll just post my favorite, this was the very last test we filmed against Utopia's old titanium shell, Lynx was pretty much on it's last legs at this point, the bar had twisted, the tips had sheared an the battery was dying but it still managed to cause some carnage. This test was still at half speed, scary to think there's still half to go right?

    Some damage pics from the day, i didn't manage to get any of the targets Lynx hit but here's some of the damage it caused itself. Remember all of these tests were half speed so imagine the strengthening work i'm having to do for the rebuild.....shocking.

    The pictures show the twisted and chipped bar and the bent weapon shaft.

    And finally as an ending to this giant post to end all other's here's a sneak peek of the new chassis for Lynx V2, it's the same thickness (5mm 6082 Alu) but it's taller and will be shorter (the black shaded areas will all be cut away). The reason for the extra height is so i can stack all of the internal components on top of each other in one neat package, this saves space inside the machine meaning i can make it shorter overall by about 40mm. The new blade will be dropped from 350mm to 300mm and will be made from 4mm Hardox, hopefully it will weigh around the same or not too much more than the original blade ( 300g) but it should be much stronger.

    If you managed to sit and read through all of that i hope it was worth it, cheers people's.
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    Needs a new/borrowed RX and a lid but Lynx is basically finished and ready for Saturday, no idea how it'll perform as it's going in the arena untested but should be fun.

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    Haven't updated this in a while, so Lynx has been to 2 events now and had mixed results. At the iron games in Wolverhampton it didn't work well at all, the grip was very poor and the weapon belt shredded every fight due to me stupidly using a timing pulley with a round belt (20,000+ rpm turns timing pulley into belt eating saw).

    After it's disappointing first event it attended Whitwick over the weekend where it performed much better, unfortunately one of the drive esc's was playing up/half dead so it didn't really have completely free movement, the weapon however was working, very well in fact. In it's first fight with Limpet it managed to take out a wheel, a drive motor and bent his front scoop pretty badly out of shape but in the end still ended up in the pit due to having almost no grip and very little drive. well i say in the pit, it basically dug it's blade into the side of the pit and hung above it.

    It's next fight was against the very heavily damaged Bork made out of wood, both robots had drive problems but Lynx was able to cause enough damage to win on a judges decision, there was sawdust everywhere. This put Lynx through to fight Headbanger, unfortunately the impacts from the weapon had broken a wire off the brushless esc board and with no time to fix it i had to withdraw.

    All in all not a bad second event, the weapon is extremely powerful but the drive is an issue. The plan is to get some grippier wheels, replace the duff drive esc and possibly put some magnets at the back of the robot to compensate for the lack of weight over the wheels.

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