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Thread: Tashic's Robots

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    Very brittle indeed. I do recall Sam changed it to HDPE after that, and had no problems afterwards with the strength... so take that how you will!

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    The base of Hatchet is now 10mm HDPE rather than 10mm Polycarb. Its been clobbered by so many robots, even direct hits from Battleaxe, and its still fine. Go with HDPE.

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    On the other hand if you won't be fighting in full combat events with this then polycarb will be fine. And you can make spares for bits likely to suffer if it's cheap and sourced close to home. Polycarb shatters, but only in high speed impacts.

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    I went on the assumption it was a spinner-proof design! Yeah, non-spinner events should put up with polycarbonate well enough and if you can get replacements easily it may be cheaper. What's the weight density like of Polycarb and HDPE, are they around the same?

    Because if so, it's always possible you could build with what's to hand and then remake the same parts in HDPE in the future if you choose to go to a full combat event, that's possible I suppose!

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    HDPE is lighter so that works out well. About 0.95g/cm3, vs polycarb's 1.21g/cm3.

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    Bit late but still, Polycarb isn't the best material to use as you can see from Hatchet, to put it into perspective that was a 10mm thick piece that shattered into 3 pieces from just landing on top of a spinner at about half it's throttle. If it's all you can get hold of and you don't plan on using it in spinner combat it will be fine but hdpe is the better option both for impact resistance and weight. Also with regards to the axe motor I'd recommend running it slightly higher, I ran Hatchet's at 16.8v and that swung a 1.5kg axe with a fair bit of force so it depends on how heavy yours is, if it's on the lighter side then you might need the extra speed you'd get from a voltage increase, lastly if you're planning to use chain and sprockets stay away from the 6mm stuff and go for the 8mm, Hatchet broke a chain in almost every fight and it gets a bit annoying having to replace/fix chains all of the time.

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    A lot of feathers do with just 2000 to 3000mah packs.

    5000mah will be more than you need. Bulls it runs on one and can do 2 fights easily on them while using the big s900's.
    With that 20c rating you'll be able to safely pull a 100a without damaging your Lipo and a pair of drill motors won't draw that much.

    If you've got the weight to use that one comfortably go for it, or look for another with an higher C rating. Should you add a scooter motor for an axe or upgrade your drives it will help to be able to draw even more amps.

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    I ran HW2 on an almost identical pack (just a higher C rate, everything else was the same) and I barely even had to charge it after each fight, and that has two Speed 900 style motors in it. My driving style hardly involves me going easy on the throttle either!

    It depends on how you are for weight and size really as Niels said, if you have plenty of weight left over that couldn't reasonably used for added armour or anything, go for it - it's much handier to have that bigger capacity than have to be worrying with a low capacity pack. And if you take part in any events that are in the style of this year's Gladiator tournament at the UK FW Champs, you'll be at a much bigger advantage than usual too!

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