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Thread: The Real Robot Rumble

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    I'm going to go for-

    Firestorm V (Robot Wars, Series 7)
    Pussycat (Robot Wars, Series 7)
    Chaos 2 (Robot Wars, Series 5 onwards)
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    Ding ding ding! We have a line-up!

    1. Slicer (RW NED1) (Martijn Benschop)
    2. Terrorhurtz (RW6)
    3. The Mousetrap (RW Ex 1)
    4. Last Rites (RG 2013) (Kody Kunz)
    5. S.M.I.D.S.Y. (RW7)
    6. Diotoir (RW Ex 2)
    7. Gemini (RW5) (Nick "NFX" Fisher)
    8. Sump Thing (RW6)
    9. King B Powerworks (RW7)
    10. Sewer Snake (RG 2013) (Alex "Siphai" MacWilliams)
    11. Electric Boogaloo (CBC VII)
    12. Breaker Box (RG 2011)
    13. Surgeon General (BB5.0) (Philip "succotash_54" Bergman)
    14. Biohazard (BB5.0)
    15. Overkill (BB5.0)
    16. Son of Whyachi (BB3.0) (playzooki)
    17. Drillzilla (RW Ex 2)
    18. Granny's Revenge 2 (RW6)
    19. Vlad the Impaler II (BB5.0) (Josh "NWOWWE" Noel)
    20. Warhead (BB5.0)
    21. Brutality (RG 2013)
    22. Mortis (RW4) (Alex Holt)
    23. Panic Attack 24K (RW6)
    24. Supernova (RW7)
    25. Tornado (RW7) (Andrew Jackson)
    26. Tough as Nails (RW7)
    27. Atomic (RW7)
    28. Megabyte (BB 2009) (Mystic2000)
    29. Redrum (R3 2005)
    30. Envy (RR 2011)
    31. Hexadecimator (RG 2006) (Dylan "Badnik96" McCarthy)
    32. Vice Crypt (RG 2011)
    33. Fluffy (RW6)
    34. Firestorm 5 (RW7) (Alex "GF93" Valentine)
    35. Pussycat (RW7)
    36. Chaos 2 (RW Ex 2)

    Many thanks to for getting me the most recent version of the US live bots. =P


    The eliminator battles have now been drawn courtesy of, but because I'm a horrid tease who wants you to still have things to talk about between matches, I'll only be revealing the draws one fight at a time. Ain't I a stinker?

    Here we go!

    Hexadecimator VS Mortis VS S.M.I.D.S.Y. VS Son of Whyachi VS Tornado VS Warhead

    I'm eager to get started while I'm still feeling crazy, so thoughts and tactics in ASAP, please. Remember, only one bot will go through from each battle.

    Thank you.

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    Hexadecimator VS Mortis VS S.M.I.D.S.Y. VS Son of Whyachi VS Tornado VS Warhead

    Just ducky.

    Well from what I've deduced, Son of Whyachi is only a threat if you're near it, so... I'm going to be insane and attack Tornado. Strictly, I'm going to get Tornado from sides/rear, lift it up onto its back, thereupon making its scoop useless, and try to shove it into Warhead; enough shoves should take out the more dangerous spinner early on. I will want to avoid Hexy-D and Son of Whyachi for as long as I can. Mortis I can pull the Tornado stunt on as well. Hexadecimator is a tough nut to crack, but I'll use the 200 mile-per-hour rear disc to try and scarve them up if they attack. Or I could team up with Hexy-D until we're the last two remaining. :P

    Otherwise, stay out of trouble. Good luck all, looks to be killer!
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    On the bad side I'm the oldest robot in the whole competition, on the plus side I do have some great armour which should be enough to stand up to the spinners. I'm just going to go attack anyone who gets into trouble from someone else, be it a spinner who has slowed down after impacting someone else or whatever.

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    I've just realised that I didn't include which House Bots would be in this fight. I shall serve my fifty lashes after the battle.

    Ah yes. I actually have battles to write, don't I? Very well. Let us begin.



    GUEST DRIVER: Dylan McCarthy
    This bulky box-wedge had one of the best flippers in Battlebots, a pneumatic arm capable of subtracting any robot from the arena with ease! The titanium armour has stood up well to spinners in the past - except Son of Whyachi - and the electric motors make it quick as a calculator, but it's not always the most manoeuvrable and if the arm runs out of flips mid-fight, Hexadecimator + inversion = doom.

    GUEST DRIVER: Alex Holt
    This may be the oldest robot in the Rumble, but when it comes to combat, Mortis is as 'rigorous' as ever. Its kevlar shell is nigh-on impenetrable, its Japanese tanto blade and electric lifting arm make a mean combo and with the caterpillar tracks provided extra traction, it's practically a tank! It's also rather unreliable and nearly 20kg lighter than the rest of the pack. Can Mortis keep a 'stiff' upper lip or will this fight be the death of it?

    GUEST DRIVER: Kody Kunz
    Stands for "Sorry Mate I Didn't See You!", but there's really no missing this sleek machine in the first place. S.M.I.D.S.Y. is instantly recognisable with its lifting plate at the front, its spinning disc at the rear and its lovely black and orange body paint all over. It has good armour, good traction and an invertible frame, but the lifter isn't terribly effective when upside-down and a good axe-head on those exposed tyres could mean T.T.F.N. for S.M.I.D.S.Y. O.M.G!

    GUEST DRIVER: playzooki
    A Heavyweight so good they had to ban it! This carnivorous cage spinner has shuffling pads to get around the arena and used its weight bonus to become one of the most fearsome Battlebots champions ever. The cage is both heavy and fast and the bots itself is nimble for a walker, but it's still a touch cumbersome and if a particularly fearless flipper does get past the hammers, it can't self-right. Will Whyachi spin to win or will the Son set on its hopes of victory?

    GUEST DRIVER: Andrew Jackson
    Blow me down! The former Robot Wars champ is back to raise a gale with its array of interchangeable weaponry, ranging from drums and bar spinners to wedges and lifters. The real weapon, however, is its tremendous pushing power and high acceleration. Tornado is a fast and furious opponent and completely invertible to boot, but this does leave the wheels open to overhead attacks and its polycarb' armour is no storm shelter either. Can Tornado weather the hurricane or will it be dust in the wind?
    For this fight, Tornado will be using the classic spinning drum.

    GUEST DRIVER: Josh Noel
    From the brains of Team Razer comes a robot they really hope won't bomb - an elegant, compact machine with an angled spinning dome, two self-righting wings and a fully actuated tail for good measure. It's beautiful, to be sure, and the spinner can produce some truly explosive results (as Nightmare and the Matador will attest), but it does lack pushing power and twitchy controls could see Warhead's plans blow up in its face!

    HOUSE ROBOTS: Dead Metal & Sir Killalot

    Roboteers, stand by...

    And it seems Son of Whyachi is already starting to spin up as Mortis, S.M.I.D.S.Y, Tornado and Hexadecimator all meet for a nice little pile-up in the arena centre. Hexy D makes a beeline for Mortis, but Alex is only happy to oblige him, landing a couple of glancing blows with the electric axe. The two scuttle around each other for a moment, while S.M.I.D.S.Y. and Tornado engage in a little shoving match. Sadly for Kody, Tornado has the upper hand in the pushing department and easily sends S.M.I.D.S.Y. into the nearest wall.
    Speaking of "I didn't see you", what's happened to Warhead in all of this?
    Oh, there we go! Josh has intervened in the Hexy-Mortis duel by smacking Hexadecimator on the side. Dylan quickly recovers from the blow, however, while Warhead spins away and takes a ram from Mortis before it can do likewise. Not wanting to waste his advantage, Alex pushes Warhead down the arena and even manages to lift it up briefly as they hit the Pit Release Button. Fortunately for Warhead, the wings keep it upright and it bounces back onto its wheels, only to take another shunt from the combined forces of Mortis, Hexadecimator...
    And Son of Whyachi, it seems! About time you showed up. Yes, Playzooki has officially joined the fray and hit just about all three bots in some way, shape or form, it seems. Mortis and Warhead have held up well, though Hexadecimator is looking a little dented. Neither Hexy D nor Mortis seem deterred, however, as they both dive straight back into Son of Whyachi's hammers...
    Mortis takes the brunt this time, though the insanely thick armour is still holding up. The cage now suitably slowed, Hexadecimator tries to wriggle underneath, taking a few more dents for good measure. The flipper does fire, but not hard enough to throw the shuffler over. Son of Whyachi is in more trouble now, though, as Warhead nips in for a nibble and Mortis attempts to push it to the nearest CPZ. Is the former Battlebots champ scuppered?
    Eh, who cares? Rammer time!
    After several shunts from Tornado, S.M.I.D.S.Y. manages to wriggle away and the duo's dance begins anew for a short while. S.M.I.D.S.Y. is swift and does manage to catch Tornado by the corners a couple of times, but Andy always manages to nip away before the lifting plate can catch it. Tornado stays on top of S.M.I.D.S.Y's assaults and, with one well-aimed ram to the side, manages to shove it right across the arena to join the others.
    Son of Whyachi is still being dogpiled as the two invertibots arrive. Mortis is trying to lift the hefty walker, while Hexy D is trying to flip Mortis and Warhead - well, it's just flitting between all three landing blows wherever it can! S.M.I.D.S.Y. puts a stop to this when it gets shoved into the mess and leaves Tornado to tackle Warhead. Kody shoves the winged scorpion do-wotsit back into open space, while Tornado and Mortis help push Son of Whyachi into Dead Metal's open claws. The House Robot happily warps its claws around Whyachi's cage and even gets a quick nick in one of the hammer supports before the shuffler starts shuffling back.
    And it seems Hexy D has already moved on to a new target! An attack from the side leaves Mortis on its back, but the lifting arm self-rights it just as Dylan starts shoving it across the floor. Mortis tries to strike back, but Tornado gets there first, slamming into the side of the fellow RW competitor. Tornado slams Mortis into the wall, before taking a flip from Hexy D itself. Andy is unaffected however and gives Hexadecimator a shove for its troubles too.
    Speaking of troubles, Warhead is having a hard time keeping up with S.M.I.D.S.Y. Despite Josh's best efforts, he can't quite keep up with S.M.I.D.S.Y's pace and now Kody is starting to run rings round him. Warhead does get a passing blow in on S.M.I.D.S.Y, but Kody simply responds by diving under the elegant self-righting wings and dumping the Battlebot into the Pit! Boom goes the dynamite! Erm, I mean Warhead!
    Kody has little time to celebrate, though, as Son of Whyachi has slipped Dead Metal's clutches and is already reaching a frightening speed. S.M.I.D.S.Y. runs off to join the rest of the troupe, who are having a flipping good time near the top of the arena. Well, Hexy D is, anyway. Tornado has taken at least two more flips and now it's Mortis' turn to be inverted. S.M.I.D.S.Y. shows up just as Alex self-rights and dives straight back under Mortis, slamming it into the northern wall. As the lifting plate starts tipping Mortis up, Tornado finally outmanoeuvres Hexy D and pushes the Battlebot further down the warzone...
    Straight into Son of Whyachi!
    Now Hexadecimator is truly looking the worse for wear. The side panelling is bashed and buckled and it doesn't seem as quick as it used to be. It's not dead yet, however, and scurries back up the arena to help S.M.I.D.S.Y, who is now playfully propping Mortis up against the wall. Hexy D shoves S.M.I..D.S.Y. aside, letting Alex self-right with the lifting arm - only to be flipped again by Hexadecimator! S.M.I.D.S.Y. seizes the opportunity and shoves the inverted Mortis into the waiting arms of Sir Killalot! Mortis self-rights, but not quickly enough to stop the House Robot grabbing the lifter and hoisting it into the air! Killalot cheekily attempts to remove Mortis from the ring altogether, but Alex's thrashing of the axe forces Sir K to let him go.
    As Mortis escapes the CPZ, Hexy D ploughs under S.M.I.D.S.Y. and attempts to feed Kody to Killalot instead. S.M.I.D.S.Y. struggles, so Hexy D turns into the wall and flips - leaving S.M.I.D.S.Y. propped against the wall, jaws jutting off into space. Kody fiddle frantically with his controls and Refbot rolls into view, counter at the ready as Dylan decides to let sleeping bots lie...
    At least until the countdown's over.
    S.M.I.D.S.Y. somersaults over the fence and out of the rumble! Sorry, Mate! Should've Seen That Coming!

    (Cont. below because new character limit is a sod. )

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    Meanwhile, Son of Whyachi hasn't been very active since hammering Hexadecimator - that's because Tornado leapt in before it could spin up proper again and has been shunting the shuffler every which way it can! Now Tornado pushes it to the top of the warzone, where Mortis decides to join the fun. Hexy D follows shortly after, though much slower than before. Taking advantage, Tornado swaps dance partners and outmanouevres Hexy D to start slamming it against the western wall.
    Mortis, instead, tries to tangle its lifter up in Whyachi's cage, but the Battlebot quickly gets free and starts to spin up. Mortis stays on its tail and takes a couple of less powerful blows as the cage tries to reach lethal speed. Which each blow, however, Whyachi knows it further away, letting the hammers get faster and faster.
    They're certainly getting faster than Hexadecimator, anyway, because Dylan can't seem to get away from Tornado's relentless onslaught of blows. In fact, it can't seem to get anywhere at all anymore! Andy seems to realise this too and so Tornado finally backs off, allowing Refbot to take its place.
    Three down, three to go and time is ticking down. Playzooki in particular seems anxious as Son of Whyachi starts sprinting towards its remaining foes, hammers a blur. Mortis tries to shove Tornado into the line of fire, but Tornado gets there first...
    Mortis goes flying and Tornado goes straight for Whyachi, halting the slowed blades altogether! The Son is definitely a hefty horror, but the grip of those shuffling pads just can't top that of the former RW champ. Slowly but surely Tornado sends Whyachi back into Dead Metal's claws, just as a rather bruised and scuffed Mortis returns to reign down some hammer blows in their general direction. Tornado gets a couple of pangs in the polycarb' but Andy flees before anything worse can be inflicted. Playzooki tries to join him, but finds Son of Whyachi once again struggling to escape Dead Metal's saw blade.
    Tornado returns to the arena centre, closely followed by Mortis. The two RW bots size each other up and it's Mortis who lands the first blow this time, clipping Tornado and nearly managing to tip it over. Andy quickly recovers, however, and starts nibbling at Mortis' sides with the spinning drum. Alex attempts to fight back, but it's hard to do when you're being shoved all over the shop. Andy does his best to aim for the Pit, but no such luck. Not yet anyway.
    Speaking of bad luck, it looks as though Son of Whyachi is once again away from the CPZ and the hammers are already whirring like nobody's business. Spying another opportunity, Andy pushes Mortis in Whyachi's general direction...
    And there he goes again! Mortis is damn near catapulted across the warzone on contact with the cage and Tornado is already galloping back in its general direction. Alex is finding it hard to brace himself, however, as Mortis' tracks don't seem to be terribly responsive. That last blow must have shaken the innards something fierce, as Tornado has little trouble avoiding the weapon synergy and slamming Mortis against the fence.
    Tornado keeps this up until Son of Whyachi waddles back over to play some more. Andy deftly dodges the cage, but the now sluggish Mortis is less lucky.
    Mortis bounces off the fence and spins like a top before ceasing movement altogether. Refbot drifts over to check for himself, but Playzooki decides to make it official.
    Well, if Mortis wasn't dead before, it sure looks like it now. Alex can't get either track to respond; all he can do is raise the lifter and hammer the ground in frustration as Refbot begins the countdown...
    And on that note...
    Son of Whyachi turns its attention to Tornado, but Andy knows better than to try anything funny now.
    Tornado easily outruns Whyachi and begins a (premature?) victory lap around the ring, while Playzooki shows off Whyachi's softshoe shuffle.


    Well. That was an opening fight.

    Four robots have bitten the dust, but two are still hungry for something a little sweeter. With both teams keen to taste victory, it's time to ask the Judge who gets the first table at the Grand Finale buffet.
    It's teatime right now, OK?

    DAMAGE: 5 /5 (KO'd Mortis, wounded Hexy D and scuffed up several others. Brutal.)
    AGGRESION: 3 / 5 (Often on the offensive, but just as often overpowered or outran)
    STRATEGY: 3 / 5 (Did get to focus on Hexy D and Mortis, but couldn't avoid being slammed about)
    CONTROL: 3 / 5 (Did well when given breathing space; less so in pile-ups and CPZs)
    TOTAL = 14 / 20

    DAMAGE: 4 / 5 (The drum did some nice slices 'n' dices, but the KO of Hexy D saves it here)
    AGGRESSION: 5 / 5 (Constantly on everybody's case)
    STRATEGY: 5 / 5 (Did well feeding other bots to Whyachi - and even better feeding Whyachi to everyone else!)
    CONTROL: 4 / 5 (Steady throughout, save the odd flip and axe blow)
    TOTAL = 18 / 20

    It was a fun brawl, but it's Son of Whyachi who lets the family down!



    Breaker Box VS Granny's Revenge 2 VS The Mousetrap VS Pussycat VS Redrum VS Sump Thing
    HOUSE ROBOTS: Growler & Shunt

    No time limit for tactics as before. Just remember that the sooner you get them in, the sooner I can get started again!

    Thank you.

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    Poor SMIDSY.

    Never mind, well done Tornado.

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    Have added my tactics on ARC. Just in case, I'll put them here as well.

    So that's my cue? Excellent. I've got a pretty decent lineup here, looks like Breaker Box and Redrum are going to be the main ones to watch out for- nothing good old Pussycat can't handle, though.

    What I hope to do is to fight a tactical but aggressive battle throughout. Early on, I shall focus on using my patented Pussycat blades (It's the Series 7 version, so I've got the two parallel ones.) to deal damage to the less effective machines (Sumpthing, Granny's Revenge and Mousetrap.) whilst keeping out of the way of the stronger ones (Breaker Box and Redrum.) for the time being. Focus on using my superior agility to be aggressive and unpredictable, attacking any weak spots such as the sides and weapon mechanisms and manoeuvring them towards hazards if I'm in a good enough position to do so.

    When going for Breaker Box and Redrum, try not to take them head-on, especially in the case of the latter. Again, go for the sides and any other vulnerable spots, such as weapon mechanisms, but try to be more opportunistic and get them whilst they're distracted or otherwise unable to attack immediately. Redrum's turning in particular has to be very slow so it doesn't lift itself up gyroscopically- so when it tries to manoeuvre, that's the time to strike.
    In terms of defence, keep constantly moving and unpredictable the whole time, keep my back particularly well-defended, and keep a good berth of the hazards if I'm not in a position to take opponents to them myself. My thick armour grants me good protection, but focus more on using my agility to avoid attacks and getting pushed rather than soaking them up. Good luck!

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    [22:51:53] Martijn: ermz
    [22:52:01] Martijn: trap things that I can easilly get under :P
    [22:52:04] Martijn: and to the hazards!

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