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Thread: I think I want to write another tournament...

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    The question is: Should I?

    You guys know I don't do that much round here anymore. I haven't written a battle in nearly a year and my last completed tournament was some three years ago. Once in a while, though, I get in the mood for an Robot Wars binge on YouTube or a trawl through the old threads and I start to feel like getting a bit more involved again.

    With FRR: No Mercy over at ARC, the RPGs and Kody's various things all going on right now, I think I've got the itch once more. Bad. I think I really want to kick off another tournament, but I know how quiet things have been round here for a good while and how slack I've been with stuff like the VGP these last few years. I just don't want to throw the proverbial doors open with a shiny new championship and wind up wasting your time for something that either never gets started or I never finish. Let's call this testing the waters before swimming with the krakens.

    I really enjoyed that EXP League I did yonks back and I've been tinkering around with updating the rules for a similar contest for a while now, but I'll probably wait until nearer the end of FRR: No Mercy when there's less going on before getting serious about that. What I'm proposing now is something short, simple and fun - a wee bunch of melees with real robots, either several 3-ways or a handful of 6-ways. It really depends how many people from ARC and the FRA I think I can get involved, ideally either 9 or 12 respectively. No firm rules on RPs or elaborate set-ups - just old-school clashes. The fights themselves might lean more towards EXP than PTT in terms of length and style, but it'll mean I can write more of them more often and they did seem to go down quite well last time. I'm also not sure whether to make it general entry (i.e. any Heavyweight goes) or themed (i.e. all-underdog annihilation!). Whichever's more of a larf for you guys.

    All I know is that I feel like I want to do something simple and silly, like in ye olden days when robosaurs still roamed the Earth. I want to have some fun with my bot-fightin' friends again.

    Think it could be worthwhile? Think some of the ARC crew might like? Think I've gone totally pineapples again?

    Your thoughts.

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    You've gone totally pineapples again... in a good way. :P

    It's totally worthwhile, mate, go for it.

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