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Thread: The FRA Betrayal Game

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    I would have answered Nick's questions if I hadn't already ran out of the room like a panicking ninny. =P

    Speaking of...

    [runs back into pits]

    "And don't think one of you guys locking yourselves in the bedroom with me as a guard or something will help matters either. Given that anyone of us could be the killer, this crazy person would feel much safer without a potential homicidal maniac for a roommate.

    "Now, where was I? Oh yes.


    [runs back out of room]

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    (OOC: a few people still need to post for this round, a few others still need to vote )

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    (GF93 needs to do something, that's what!)

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    Sorry for the very late reply, but-

    Why I'm not the killer
    No real motivation for actually killing anyone. It's a competitive event yes, but everyone here is cool and people shouldn't pay with their lives for potentially being a threat to someone's chances of winning. Also, I'm very squeamish around blood, gore, and corpses and all that, so there's that, too.

    Favourite Colour
    Blue and Purple. Not sure why this is here, but there ya go. :v

    Any ideas they have to deal with a killer who at any time could just drug us all and commit scallywanglery without anyone noticing.
    I'd personally suggest wearing subtle body armour (IE. Knife-proof vests) underneath our regular clothes so that knives and things don't have an effect. Also, keep as much of an eye out for suspicious people and anyone tampering with say, food, drink or ventilation as possible.

    Strategy for fighting AIR
    His front end is quite narrow and he's quite a bit slower than I am as well from what I recall, so what I'll do is focus predominantly on attacking the vulnerable sides/front corners of AIR, avoiding taking it head-on to minimise the risk of getting caught on the Flipper. Keep underneath as much as possible, flip him around, especially over the wall if possible, and try to get him into the Pit as well if I can get in close enough to do so. Keep off the Flipper and away from the Arena walls when I'm not underneath him myself, avoid hazards unless I'm taking him to them myself, and keep constantly moving and attacking from different angles.

    Good luck, and hopefully that'll do it.

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