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Thread: The FRA Betrayal Game

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    There has been a type of game I have been wanting to give a spin within FRA Fan Fic for a while now. It is something I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in on another, comic books related, forum many times, one of which as a host. It is a game that can be moulded to fit many themes, including indeed robotic combat. This shall be my contribution to the current influx of activity here on FRA Fan Fic.

    Welcome to the Fighting Robots Association Betrayal Game...
    ...hope you survive the experience.

    General Betrayal Game rules:

    - I will need entrants. "As many as possible" will do, but realistically anything within the region of 10 is just fine. I will see how sign-ups go and then at some point set a deadline and go with who I have at that point. You enter by posting in this thread.

    - You will role play (RP) your way through a storyline you lot are involved in. I am expecting to post roughly 2 updates a week, and will require those of you still alive (more on that later) to post at least once between updates. More is fine, less is not and might be met with consequences. When short on time, a post of but 1 sentence is perfectly acceptable, but do post to keep the game going.

    - Whilst you are all seemingly in the same boat with similar goals, one of you shall be the betrayer. The identity of this betrayer will be known only to me and the betrayer themselves. They will be notified of their position by me privately (PM or Skype) and all communication between them and me shall be secretive. The betrayer shall get rid of the game's participants, one casualty per update, by privately informing me of who their next victim will be. Once deceased, your character's role in the current Betrayal Game will end. The first round involve the death of an NPC to make sure everyone gets at least 1 round of playtime.

    - Every player, including the betrayer, must privately inform me of 2 suspect votes per round. Basically you name 2 people who you wish to blame for the mysterious murders taking place, either out of genuine conviction (there may be clues, there may be red herrings) or strategic reasons. When down to 4 players or less, each player gets to name only 1 suspect per round.

    - When your character reaches a predetermined number of suspect votes (will be determined after the number of participants is clear), you will be asked by me to publically reveal yourself as guilty or innocent. If guilty, the game ends and the surviving players win. If innocent, the betrayer will receive 1 bonus kill that round (said bonus kill will likely be aimed at the now openly innocent player, since the betrayer won't enjoy the presence of players that are no longer suspected by anyone).

    - The game ends either when the betrayer is caught, or when everyone but the betrayer is dead.

    Now, for this specific Betrayal Game...

    - You will be participating in an event of robotic combat! That is where the good news ends really, strange things will happend. Ranging from hilariously strange to tragically strange, never Oddestsey strange though. On the other hand, in the Oddestsey people don't usually die...

    - I will ask you to enter yourself + a heavyweight robot you bring to fight in this fictional robotic tournament.

    - Let me no what traits of yourself you'd like to put forward for this RPG. These can be related to your personality or appearance or whatever the hell you can think. A bit of lying is allowed here. By no means share details you don't feel like sharing, enter a false name if you wish. Also if you want to throw curveballs you can contact me privately with details that will AMAZE your fellow participants throughout the game.

    - I will request, but not enfore, your heavyweight robot to be a fictional robot/vapourbot, including "FRA-style" detailed stats and an image. Given that the actual robotic combat won't be the focus of this game, something very rudimentary will do, or if needed a real robot.

    - Contact me in private if you'd LOVE to be the betrayer. Maybe we can even work out plot details. Don't discuss contacting me over this (or not doing so) with others.

    - Even though I am the host, feel free to take the game in bold new directions with your posts. Form alliances if you will (but do watch your back). I am relatively flexible and can incorporate your moves in my updates. And if needed I can always use my Godlike hosting powers to put you back in your place.

    - More plot details will be revealed after sign-ups close and the betrayer has been notified.

    - If I come up with anything else, I will post it ASAP :P

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    I'll enter myself and Baldur.

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    Count me in, along with Revolver Ocelot.

    Shape: A low box with a tapered front and an angled rear piece
    Colour: Black
    Weight: 100kg
    Drive: 2 A28-400 Ampflows running on 24v
    Locomotion: 4WD outer
    Speed: 12mph
    Armour: 7mm Grade 5 titanium
    Ground Clearance: 10mm
    Turning Circle: 0m
    Length: 130cm
    Width: 75cm
    Height: 15cm
    Weapon: 15kg Hardox spinning bar, 2000rpm, should put out around 50kJ
    Weapon motor: LEM130 running on 36v
    Srimech: Invertible
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    Me and Seung Mina VII please.

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    Me and Failure, natch.
    If I entered SOTAR people may kill me, heh!

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    I am totally bumping this with a bump


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    Oh, what the hey. Me and Wedge Devo, why not?

    Just keep bothering me for updates on Skype. I have a feeling I'll need reminding with all the things I'm in right now.

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