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Thread: The FRA Betrayal Game

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    I can't help cause I've already entered!

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    thanks for bumping though!

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    Let's give this a go.

    Dreadnought Mk2.

    Shape- A sleek and low wedge with angular armour plating on the sides/rear corners, and a steep wedge at the back.
    Colour- Gunmetal Grey.
    Weight- 100kg
    Armour- 8mm Ti10v Alloy treated with Silicon Carbide for the main chassis and armour, with internal bulletproof Aluminium drivetrain protectors for additional spinner resistance.
    Additionally, there is a 4mm layer of Lexan Polycarbonate mounted underneath the Flipper for additional resistance against overhead weaponry, and the areas around the Flipper hinges are thicker at 10mm.
    Drive and Power- 2 Lynch LEM130 Motors, geared 9:1 for superior acceleration/control and powered by 36v 5.0ah NiMH Battlepacks.
    Locomotion- Two internal Go-Kart wheels, with foam tyres to nullify puncture damage.
    Top Speed- 20-25mph
    Ground Clearance- Zero at the front, about 1mm for the sides, and 2mm for the rear.
    Turning Circle- Zero.
    Dimensions- [Will add]
    Weaponry- Front-hinged Pneumatic Flipper, running on Low Pressure COČ Gas (Ala Ripper or M2) to enable it to run longer than a standard High Pressure one whilst still maintaining a good degree of power, and equipped with a 6mm-thick strip of Polycarbonate along the top for keeping opponents trapped.
    Srimech- Can use the weapon to quickly flip itself back over.
    Notes- Very fast and powerful. Design is based on two previous successful machines from lower weight classes.

    NOTE: These aren't the final ones, since I am not good with FRA-style stats. Curse this place and its refusal to use numbers, AAAARGH
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    9 People in so far, I will start either today or tomorrow, getting 1 more person before then would be nice, but just to sum up this shit...

    1. alex_holt - Baldur Gamma
    2. playzooki - Good for it 2
    3. NWOWWE - Revolver Ocelot
    4. kodster - Seung Mina VII
    5. shadowflare - Mobile Failure
    6. andrewj - Axeon 4.0
    7. steven_mcg - Wedge Devo
    8. Badnik96 - WhipCoil 4.5
    9. GF93 - Dreadnought Mk2

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    Excellent. So, would my stats be reasonably practical? As said, I'm hopeless at FRA-style stats, so do let me know if there's anything I need to change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by playzooki View Post
    It looks ok, not sure about the batteries, i just tend to leave them out though.
    Excellent. If the batteries are not good enough, any suggestions for what I could use would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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    Looks nice and different this one. Can I enter Air please? It is my new robot, fighting for its debut at Burgess Hill. Real robot so not sure if its allowed??

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