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Thread: The Last Oddetsey

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    Welcome to The Last Oddestsey, this will be a little differently structured than previous Oddestseys, but most of the reasons for that will become apparent during the story.

    This time, I’m actually going to devise a very basic stat system, which is as follows:

    Firstly pick your species and gender, as always it can be anything, though bear in mind if you picked something like “kryptonian” I will balance things out in whatever way I see fit, be it through liberal availability of kryptonite, or kryptonian body parts being widely desired for medicinal purposes – whatever seems like a good fit. I say species very loosely – robots, energy beings, sentient objects etc are all welcome.

    At this point list any innate powers of your species, these can be whatever you want, but please try to keep them finite. As a rule of thumb, aim for a mid-level superhero at highest.

    STRENGTH: Melee weapon damage and hit-points
    AGILITY: Dodging, acrobatics, stealth and ranged weapon damage
    INTELLIGENCE: Number of skills and spells you can learn
    WILL: Determines diplomacy, power of spells and special abilities.

    You have ten points to spend across those four categories. You can have a score of zero that would just amount to slightly subnormal for a human in that regard.

    For each point in intelligence you can pick a skill, which can be anything you want from skill with a certain weapon to certain type of machine to stealth to lock-picking to knowledge of a certain kind of thing. The more specific you are the more powerful in that instance, so if someone decided they wanted their skill to be “bear-fighting”, they would be good at fighting bears, but not as good at fighting polar bears as someone who picked “polar-bear-fighting” though someone who picks polar bear fighting would be fairly poor at fighting a grizzly.

    The story this time is going to be entirely done on an individual character basis, so there is no need for a team to co-operate if you don’t want to.

    So…. Final format:

    Physical description:



    D20 Roll: (go here and roll a 20 sided dice and tell me the result. You'll find out what this is for when we start. Don't assume a higher number is necessarily desirable, I'm going to flip a coin once an entry is in to decide if high or low is better. Also the worse one might be more fun potentially.

    I don't have a set number of entries for places, I'm more interested in active players than people who sign up quickly, so after we initially start if you want to join send me your character by private message and I'll throw you into the game.
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    Supplement on skills: Skills can either be trained or intuitive types, which will be decided by me but generally be common sense. So if you wanted "punching" as a skill, anyone can do that regardless of whether they know how to do it or not (though obviously someone with the skill would be way better), but if you wanted a kind of magic or advanced technology you wouldn't be able to use that at all without the skill. As will plays into the power of magic, you could equally be really devastating with the one spell you know or be able to cast loads of spells but fairly weakly, or anywhere in between.

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    Eudial (note: named after eudialyte, a rare red-colored silicate mineral)



    Physical description
    Eudial has shoulder-length hair ties off into two loose ponytails, one in the back and one on the left side of her head. She has a black star ornament located on her neck, apparently hanging from which is a red flower-shaped object made from an unknown material with violet tassels dangling from it. She wears a sleeveless crop top and a pair baggy gym pants, coupled with a black pleated belt adorned with a single red star. She wears red star-shaped earrings a red bracelet on each wrist and what seems to be a set of brass knuckles. Her shoewear is a pair of red, cross-laced high heels. Her theme color is red. An image is attached that helps picture her.

    Eudial, despite her often fiery determination, is actually a cold, calculating individual. Once she has concocted a plan, she sticks to it and stubbornly refuses to alter it unless the odds are clearly stacked against her. Sometimes, if a plan does fail, she loses her temper and also starts to lose control (of her powers). She is very clever and manipulative, and often not afraid to bear humiliation to achieve her goal(s).

    - by association, Eudial can control/manipulate fire (of varying types, including normal fire and hellfire), and cast fire-based spells. She can withstand water (but her powers cannot)
    - Eudial's main offensive ability is Explosion Inducement. By touching something with any of her hands, she can transfer variable amounts of energy that detonate the object. Depending on her goal, she can either throw explosive punches, destroy something on touch, or demolish a distant target by holding her hands on the same surface as the target. The farther it is, the more time it takes for the energy to reach it. She is able to somewhat circumvent the delay by charging a random small object with the explosive force and throwing it, changing it into a grenade of sorts, but sacrificing power in return. By clasping her hands in front of her chest and then stretching them out to her sides, she can violently release the energy from her entire body, blowing anything within her immediate surroundings away. She can readily adjust the scale of the explosion, from an equivalent to a hand grenade to a payload strong enough to level a several-story building.

    AGILITY: 3
    WILL: 3

    - pyrokinesis
    - alchemy (specifically dealing with minerals rich in manganese)
    - playing a musical instrument called the pungi

    D20 Roll: 16


    Let me know if anything's off and I'll fix it right quick. Looks fun!
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    Those are both looking good so far, only thing is a small thing that as you have no intelligence score you wouldn't have a skill, but on the plus side, RPGs being what they are and your stats what they are, violence is basically a given ability :P

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    -Leland Gaunt
    -Demon (disguised as human)
    Physical description:
    -An elderly man (appearing to be in his late 50's or early 60's) with a pleasant appearance and is known to change his eye color to whatever appeals to the person he is talking to. For a specific reference, see Max von Sydow from the film Needful Things.
    -He can be very charming and charismatic
    -He has the power to disguise useless junk as priceless items that someone desires (and by extension some degree of mind reading to know what they want).
    -Convincing people to purchase these items for a small fee along with performing some kind of mean prank one someone else they know (again using his mind-reading powers to specifically exploit any possible grudges that exist). By doing this, he is able to steal the customer's soul.
    -He generates such a high degree of paranoia in his customers that he is easily able to convince them to buy weapons from him to protect their "valuable" property.

    AGILITY: 1
    WILL: 5

    -Transforming worthless objects into things of desire for someone else.
    -Being able to convince people to purchase his goods and to perform mean pranks on people that would otherwise be friends/allies. Basically an absurd level of mental manipulation.
    -Transforming into a hideous demon form. Usually used when fleeing.

    D20 Roll:
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    NFX's Avatar

    - Twitch

    - Male

    - Scarlet Macaw

    Physical description:
    - Just over two feet long, Twitch looks broadly like a normal Scarlet Macaw, only slightly smaller. His plumage is predominantly red, but shifting in colour from the head towards the tail, from red, to yellow, to green, to blue. He also has a crest on his head, similar to that of a cockatoo, which is a vivid pink colour. Green eyes, black and white beak, plus a green ring around his left leg, presumably a tag of some sort.

    - Erm...
    - real "powers", as such.
    - He can fly. He's a bird, that's sort of inherent for them. Except penguins. They're just terrible.

    AGILITY: 5
    WILL: 1

    - Carrying stuff. Grabs small bags full of important things with his feet and carries them off to where they need to go. Or stealing them.
    - Dodging projectiles, helped by adrenaline and such. Tying in with the flying, he's good at escaping from groups of enemies. Or people he's stolen things from.

    D20 Roll:
    - 7
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    Name: Aurelia
    Gender: Female
    Species: Angel
    Physical description: "Inspiring" is the word really. Upright and tall, bright red hair that displays all sorts of wavy fiery effects that I would love having in my own beard, glowing eyes. And she wears metal body armour and a sword because she was raised within the ranks of the divine army and that is what they wear. But yeah, God knows what will happen with this gear given the nature of this RPG...
    Oh, and she has massive wings.
    Powers: Generic angelic stuff really, most notably flight.

    AGILITY: 1
    WILL: 5

    Skills: Raising an army - Being raised amongst the military ranks of heaven, Aurelia knows not only how to serve in an army, but also how to lead one. Well, really, she is much better at the latter. As a warleader her stature is so inspiring, her speeches so rousing, that she can seemingly turn any random group of sentient beings into an army willing to fight for her cause, whatever the Hell that is at any given time. Most of the time this is justice, she is an angel after all, but God only knows what justice really is, and she is most certainly not that. The more "basic" a being is, the easier it is for Aurelia to lead them. Into war. Over whatever conflict.
    A capella singing - She just nails it. Preferably in a group. The above should suggest that finding a group is hardly ever a problem for Aurelia.
    D20 Roll: 7
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    Those are all looking fine, I think that I'll say as we have a good number of entries already, I'll begin on Friday night with however many players I have then.

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