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Thread: The Last Oddetsey

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    Aurelia's drawing prowess leads to an imp, about 2 inches tall, being brought to life.

    She asks it if it wants to explore the new Multiverse.

    It says yes.

    She waves, as it passes the event horizon with a strange noise.

    Never to be seen again?

    Who knows.

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    Deciding to not use the newly discovered new universe, the group assembles in the courtyard ready to see this thing through to the finale. First - to send those who wish to go home, back to where they belong. Aurelia and Goldrod the Dwarf step up first, and trying out this new aspect of her powers, Aurelia can sense subtle variations in resonance coming from the Angel, and letting her mind drift out into the Multiverse, finds its match and *pulls*.

    A circular doorway appears howevering in the courtyard a few inches off the ground - its frame formed of intricate organic shapes, almost as if it had grown from the rift itself. Through the portal however, are the gleaming gold-white spires and cloud formations that the Angel calls home, and she recognises them in an instant - the brilliant light of them filling her with hope and joy. Waving goodbye to the Spanish Inquisition and Caspasian, the brass-winged being and her dwarven companion step through into the light, with the gate twisting shut behind her. Home.

    Leland is next, and this time as the portal opens this time a city appears before them, cold and impersonal, and looking incredibly unsavoury. There is a slight hint of brimstone on the air, and corruption practically oozes from the place. Leland grins. The people of this city are ripe for the picking. Just in need of a bargain or two. He steps forth, filled with confidence at being able to get back to the work he loves and the portal closes shut behind him.

    Last of the ones returning home is Marisa - her portal opens to reveal a great forest, and the place radiates earthy magics in a way Marisa hasn't seen since since she arrived on this strange world. With a last wave to Eudial, she too passes through to the crunch of fallen leaves beneath her feet and the portal closes behind her.

    Anjushree also asks to return home - the magic she used to get here to begin with relied on pre-existing rift passages that will become inaccessible after the rift is gone. A few moments later, a portal inside a great library appears, with windows looking down from what must be near the top of a great mountain - with wildflower meadows stretching out in the valley below, but only for an instant, as then the Griffon too is gone.

    * * * *

    "It's time" is all the once-Doomforall can say to Eudial, and tries to look apologetic. He walks over to the great old-magic stone where he himself had been reborn, and dropped the acorn he had picked up earlier into the hole in the centre - with that, he gestures for Eudial to lay down on the great stone. She looks terrified, but after breathing in heavily, walks towards the stone and sits down. She waves to those still assembled there, and closes her eyes. A simple touch of her forehead by not-Doomforall is all it takes, and life painlessly leaves her.

    Almost immediatly, the Oak begins to grow - shoots spring upwards from under Eudial, thickening and strengthening as they go - lifting up Eudial's body with as much a caress as anything else - gently wrapping around her. Even as this happens the rift still inside begins to surge forth, trying to find some new place to abide - but even the flailing black tendrils are gently enveloped by the growing tree, and grow weaker before fading away. Within a few minutes, the rift is forever banished from the multiverse and the fully formed Timesplitting Oak stands atop the great stone dais, as if it had always been there. Thousands of years and the black energy is finally gone, and the worlds safe from the destruction it promises.

    The assembled group begins to depart - the Spanish Inquisition departs first - the others can hear them discussing their plans for establishing their group further, and what can be done to help it flourish. They sound sad from their mentor's departure, but optimistic about what her teachings can achieve. Sally, Kelpsie and Kelpsie's Mum go with them, the two Waer Nymphs seeming like an organization like this would offer them a fresh chance at life, while Sally is interested in the story of this unfurling. This could get her a Pushlitzer!

    Vortigon appears briefly beside Cleo, and after discussing something telepathically, nod to one another briefly and vanish in a teleport. Evidently Cleo has something to do with the Psi-corps still - whatever it was apparently she didn't feel like sharing with the others.

    Epsilon and Phantasmic Slammer also depart, and head for the teleporter rooms, ready to beam down to the city. The technology that is found in this place must be huge, and the potential to upgrade themselves into better beings must be endless...

    Professor Vengeance departs for his newly acquired ship. While he perhaps should have gone home, he is accutely aware tha he has managed it twice before, and newly unfurling memories in his brain - perhaps caused by the end of the rift, suggest that he accomplished it without any connection to that power. It is doable, but first to make sure he gets the most out of this world before he leaves - no point wasting an opportunity to try out a few new ideas away from the heroes of his world, hopefully getting some new technology in the process. He grins to himself - the world is his mollusc of choice....

    Playzooki had not been paying that much attention to proceedings, but instead to a small figure hiding in the roots that caked the courtyard. He had only spotted her by accident, but there she was - Katia - Mistress of Kung Shrew, and this time he would get her back for dropping him off the side of the Castle. Sneaking forward, he got close by then lept - but the Shrew saw him coming and leapt out the way nimbly. Jumping up he began pursuit - down the endless corridors and passageways in pursuit of the tiny insectivore, until eventually he entered into a large room full of brilliant white lights like stars, but as Katia skittered round a corner she vanished. He searched the room for a bit before getting bored. Heading over to the rails to have a look closer, suddenly a tiny but massive impact to the back of the head sent him over the rails and flailing downwards into the brilliant glowing lights of the baby multiverse where he vanished...

    Twitch looked quizzically at the Tree - he found it a bit weird that Eudial was now inside it or something. He'd make sure to come back and visit her from time to time maybe. He should probably work out what that Leviathan thing had been about too at some point, but for yet. With a few beats of his wings, rose up into the sky where he could see the great city of New Melded stretch out beyond the horizon. A new life was out there somewhere, now just to find it! A few more beats of the wings went him out over the Metropolis, and, with a bit of luck, into a bright new future.

    Only four were left in the courtyard now - Catalyst, the Night Pine, the Botanist and Fletcher the Snipe. The Botanist whittered as he inspected the tree closely, the others paid little attention. However, with nods and a creaking of bows, an unspoken promise was made - this place would be protected, and the hero within who saved them all too. Eudial - the saviour of the multiverse, would be well looked after until the she returned once more.

    *THE END*
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    EPILOGUE 1: Some time in the Future
    She dreamed, wrapped in the embrace of the tree that she dwelt inside, but something in the wind was changing and had been a while now. It would be soon. Even as she tough this, the warmth of the tree unravelled from her and she stumbled a tiny bit as her feet first touched the stone beneath her and the light shone on her skin for the first time. The woman who had the face and memories of Eudial stepped forward, ready to see this new world...

    EPILOGUE 2: After the End of Time
    The tiny Imp burst into being, as the roar of the Creation of Everything blazed around it. It had been created as a throwaway creation, and was vaguely aware of this, and not really sure what to do now as the glory of the birth of a Universe blazed around it - the fire and stars blazed for the first time. It was incredibly beautiful, though from his perspective, having been born about 30 seconds ago by his own reckoning, he felt self concious that he didn't have much experience to judge this against. He was aware that he didn't seem affected by the intense fire or extreme cold, or lack of air or any of that. He'd have to explore that a bit later - it was all a bit new to him now.

    An hour or so later, a second figure burst into view. He looked angry and confused, so the Imp decided to not bother him - judging from his face, he wasn't sure if he'd run away.

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    Probably the best ending I could have hoped for... well done Alex! It was a bumpy ride, but altogether enjoyable.

    Provided there is ever another Oddestsey, which I would totally be up for, it will be interesting to see what's become of Eudial...

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    Whew! What a ride!

    Well done Alex, that was lots of fun!

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