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Thread: The Last Oddetsey

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    Hey guys, I hope it's not too late to join, if so. I'll post something up by Wednesday night (It's Wednesday morning here so :P )

    Anyway, good to be back

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    I'll start with whoever is signed up by when I get home on Friday. However, just for the record, I'm going to go at my pace for this campaign and play it for the entire group rather than try to micromanage players - otherwise we run the risk of the whole thing petering out, so if you aren't going to play for a while be sure to say what you are doing in the mean time, hopefully not something that will get you killed :P

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    Max's Avatar

    Name: Spod

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human mutant

    Physical description: hard, crusty, rocky exterior (like The Thing), about 9 feet tall and very bulky. Only has 3 large fingers on each hand so struggles to use everyday objects and generally has a lack of dexterity and finesse. Long messy "surfer" hair that occasionally gets in his way.

    Backstory: born in the 1600s mutated with hard rocky skin and significantly larger and stronger than average. Abandoned by his parents and rejected by society so is resultantly quite bitter. He ages very slowly and it is uncertain how long he will live for. Has loved and lost a couple of times when they are not put off by his appearance which adds further to his bitterness. Although he's been around a long time so knows quite a few tricks but is not that bright and can be easily manipulated. Has quite a mean and selfish character and assumes the worst in people, is reluctant to help others unless it benefits him.

    Powers: super human strength and stamina and has reasonably impervious skin. Due to large size has larger organs so can hold breath for a long time and can drink a lot of alcohol without intoxication.

    AGILITY: 1
    WILL: 1

    super strength as result of his mutation, linked with high metabolic rate so super human stamina.
    Hard rocky exterior makes him impervious to most weapons and bullets.
    Hand to hand combat skills, despite his lack of agility excels at boxing, wrestling and sumo style combat.

    D20 Roll: 14

    This is my first crack at this so let me know if I need to change or add anything!

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    Name: Cleo
    Gender: Female
    Species: Felinae
    Physical Description: Cleo is a medium-sized cat (e.g.
    a lynx) with a slender body covered in thick black fur all over. She has green eyes and a short tail.
    Powers: Cleo has all of the natural abilities that you would associate with her species, such as agility, flexibility and balance. She has an innate stealthy hunting ability and sharp claws for fighting. Cleo has an excellent sense of sight, hearing, smell and touch, but it is her extrasensory skills that are particularly unique. She has psychokinesis abilities, specialising in telepathic communication and an apparent ability to gain insight into the future.

    AGILITY: 4
    WILL: 3



    D20 Roll: 18

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    Alrighty, here's my character

    Name: Khloe Ajdarevic
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18

    Physical Description: Her height is 5ft2 and a half. Has shoulder length ginger hair with a fringe covering half of her right eye. Blue eyes that are slightly larger than your average eye size. Wears a blue denim trenchcoat which has been cut to knee height due to it being too big for her (Extra note, sleeves are removable, depending on the weather). Wears dark purple skinny jeans with grey cargo shorts over the top. Wears a black turtle neck sweater for a shirt and has red fingerless gloves. Somewhat pale white skin

    Personality: Rather kind, somewhat shy. But very determined in the face of danger. Rather good at raising morale and is even rather persuasive should a mission require it. She is also very level headed, though she can go somewhat crazy when she wants too.

    Powers: Very quick foot speed, faster than most humans. If she remains perfectly still for 7 seconds, she can turn herself invisible. The effect only lasts 40 seconds however. She can also fire dual pistols at an insane speed, but the first 5 bullets are the most damaging, the bullets weaken in power somewhat with each shot fired.

    Strength: 2
    Agility: 4
    Intelligence: 2
    Will: 2

    Skills: Well trained in parkour, which combines with her agility and speed.
    Has the ability to persuade and coerce people to join her causes.

    D20 Roll: 18

    Bonus info: Her blood type is AB-, one of the rarest blood types in the world. Born in Novi Sad, Serbia. Father is Irish and her mother is Serbian.

    That should cover it, let me know if anything's wrong with that
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    If this isn't ok it has to wait until I get home from work to fix it.

    Name: Marisa Kirisame
    Gender: Female
    Species: 'Ordinary' Human
    Physical description: Yellow eyes, blonde hair, one side of which is braided, the rest of it free. Wears a modified witches standard outfit: Tall pointed hat with a bow on, with frills under the brim. Wears a frilly underdress with long sleeves, with a a black one over top (sleeveless and lowcut, not that you see anything.) and a apron tied around her waist. Has on white stockings and black boots. She carries a broom as she feels it's required of her as a witch, and her mini-hakkero which she uses as a focusing point for her magic.

    Powers: Marisa specialises in light and fire magic, but relies more on power then finesse. As such she is more likely to use her mini-hakkero to fire off huge lazers to smite the enemy from a range then to start fires because why not. She uses mushrooms to create the magic, and the Hakkero as a focusing point to fire. She also uses spell cards, which is her worlds agreed upon method of combat, as a way of calling out attacks and controlling her danmaku spread. (the lazer is more of a bomb move to help clear the room, it expends a lot of energy.)

    Flight - She can fly without her broom but prefers to use it anyway. It's basicly required of a witch, ya know?

    AGILITY: 3
    WILL: 3

    Skills: -Reducing mushrooms to their magical components for use in her above powers.
    - She's a klepto, she'll steal anything she can.
    - Magic (as above)

    Roll: 5


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    The Last Oddestsey? Not without me, it's not!

    Name: Professor Reginald Fortescue Vengeance (Esq.)
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Physical description: Tall and skinny with occasionally bad acne, Professor Vengeance is the best-dressed supervillain this side of New Gothtropolis Central. His everyday attire includes black tie and tails (bow tie, usually; sometimes a cravat, if he feels particularly smug) with matching trousers, socks, dress shoes and boxers, shrouded in an high-collar opera cape and capped off by a bulletproof top hat. He has short brown hair, dark green eyes and a pale nerdly complexion. Will occasionally bust out a monocle to more closely examine objects and generally look more awesome.
    Powers: The Professor has no 'superpowers' to speak of, but he does possess the intellect of a criminal mastermind and is a technological genius, able to turn even random junk into some sort of makeshift doomsday device. While not particularly strong or agile, he is a slippery customer whose gangly frame, decent reflexes and tricksy ways makes him difficult to keep in check. He is also a stickler for punctuality, dislikes magic folk (they get all the breaks!) and prides himself on being an exceptionally witty git.

    AGILITY: 1
    WILL: 3

    ~ The Professor's weapon of choice is a walking cane topped with a glowing green gemstone. Not only does it look hella classy, but it also acts as a giant Swiss army knife. Twist the gem and a different device pops out from the bottom. Other people can use the cane, but at their own risk. Only the Prof has mastered its intricacies and even he has trouble keeping track of all the modes and functions it has. The most common, for the record, include a sword blade, helicoptor blades, a jet flame ("Broomstick Mode"), a machine gun barrel, a friggin' laser beam, a pogo stick spring, a torch, and Smarties. Even evil geniuses get the munchies.
    ~ The ability to craft functional weapons and/or mechanical contraptions out of random objects and scrap. How long they last and how well they can be controlled depends on how long he gets to tinker with them.
    ~ Expert knowledge of villain psychology. The Professor comes from a long line of rogues and cads and is himself a professional supervillain by trade. He therefore has an intimate knowledge of criminal behaviour in its many forms; from goons, grunts and gangsters to wicked wizards and evil aliens. He can predict their behaviour and anticipate their possible plans with a good degree of accuracy. Takes one to know one, after all.
    ~ l33t haxxor skillz. In addition to his mechanical skills, the Prof is also a dab hand when it comes to computers. He can disable security grids, crack passwords, plunder bank accounts, spam email inboxes and pirate retro video game soundtracks like nobody's business. Bonus points if it's Linux.
    ~ Lying and the art of deception. The Professor could lie for his country. In fact, he'd probably lie against it too. He is adept at bluffing, exaggeration, manipulation, distraction and sleight of hand. He has to be to battle strongmen in technicolour long-johns every week without being squashed to a pulp.

    D20 Roll: 19

    Oh yes. It's good to be back.
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    Just to give you warning, the opening post will go up at 10, so any last minute entries who want to start the game at the same time better hurry up :P

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    There is a thrumming sound in the above your heads in the darkness, you don’t know where you are and can see nothing, just that you aren’t in the same place each of you were a few seconds previously. Strange whirring and the sound of venting spurts of gas along with some strange deep beeping echoes through wherever you are and the ground shakes.

    After a few seconds some dim lighting illuminates the room you find yourselves each in separate tubes of a translucent glass like substances, although all you can detect from beyond that is some sort of light moving beyond your tubes across the room with very faint singing that you can’t quite make out. The tubes appear airtight, and you could guess that the time you have before suffocating is maybe a few days at most. There are also some items at each of your feet...

    Eudial - 13 HP
    A good quality pungi
    A TURDIS summoning beacon – like an ASDA own brand TARDIS, bigger on the outside than inside, and can travel to one place in time and space
    A portable fire extinguisher made by dwarven master safety technicians
    A magical loci – you can feed all your power into it day at a time and expel it in one big blast

    Playzooki - 25 HP
    A Furby
    A heavy revolver which doesn’t work as a gun, but would be a functional cudgel

    Leland Gaunt - 13 HP
    Some aftershave specifically designed to cover up the smell of brimstone
    Some stationary with the corporate branding of Hell.

    Twitch - 16 HP
    A small horseshoe magnet on a string
    A cassette of ABBA Gold

    Aurelia - 16 HP
    An old magic depleted flaming sword, can now at best toast bread
    A stack of GOSPEL SINGING TODAY magazines from 1983-1992

    Spod - 25 HP
    A rock polishing kit for really bringing out the details
    A belt of badgers might – adds the strength of a badger to your own
    A heavy section of pipe
    An expensive Venetian Ball gown made of high end silk

    Cleo - 13 HP
    A small tin containing ten thousand pounds worth of super premium catnip
    A tiny mouse who is an expert stock broker
    An electrum pendant which amplifies psychic defenses to near impenetrability
    A collar of silence, making your footsteps entirely undetectable
    Two vials of Pym particles, each capable of making one being temporarily smaller or larger

    Khloe Ajdaveric - 16 HP
    A pair of perfectly balanced revolvers made of silver
    A single perfect bullet, which will hit anything aimed at regardless of distance
    A cloaks of the winds, which curves any bullets arrows etc round you
    A bag of assorted space-pearls
    Some really cool shades that let you see heat signitures

    Marisa Kirisame - 13 HP
    A damp brown paper bag of past their sell-by date shiitake mushrooms
    A 20m long chain of coloured paperclips

    Professor Vengeance - 13 HP
    A monogrammed limited edition top of the line combat-cane made from the bones of a death god
    A presentation case containing three flawless power gems of different colours
    A one-man, personal “bunker” forcefield (protects purely from explosions)
    A mechro-morph component which can temporarily replace missing electronic parts
    A really dapper pocket watch with jewel encrusted hands

    *For the record, try to keep track of your own info, there are ten of you, potentially all in different places at once, so if you do your own management it really helps move things along!

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    (Ugh. Imminent suffocation. Not the best way for us to start out, but I'll take it! I'll just put my idea here and then wait for everybody else before following through with it)


    *Eudial panics for a moment, then thinks*


    Magical or not, these tubes have limited space. If I can't melt/blow the tube material away just by touching it, then I'll just heat the remaining air up around me and expand it; the pressure caused by this would probably be enough to shatter the tube.

    Yes, I realize this is probably not the best thing to do, but the alternative is no better...


    *grabs the items first, but takes a look at everybody else before doing anything*

    Huh. Misery loves company.

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