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Thread: The Crash & Burn Mini-Tournament of Death 5

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    What the hey. Throw in Wedge Devo and Killotine: EVO for old time's sake.

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    So I need just need two more, then.

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    Not me because i already entered!

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    Quote Originally Posted by majinb View Post
    Not me because i already entered!
    You're no help at all!

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    Okay, I've just received entries from Lian (The Servant's Assistant and Empty Inside), and I doubt we're going to get one more entrant from the way things are going right now, so I've put in two realies. Now let's kick this off!

    1. Mr. Death (playzooki)
    2. Good For It (playzooki)
    3. Black Panther (Alex Holt)
    4. Tengu VII (Alex Holt)
    5. Flick of the Wrist (Martijn Benschop)
    6. Under Pressure (Martijn Benschop)
    7. Cryoseism (Nick Fisher)
    8. MiDAS (Nick Fisher)
    9. Revolver Ocelot (Josh Noel)
    10. Truth or Consequences (Josh Noel)
    11. Mobile Failure 2.5 (Tracy Farber)
    12. S.O.T.A.R. v2 (Tracy Farber)
    13. Revenge of Theseus (Samuel Park)
    Creature From Black Lagoon (Samuel Park)
    15. WhipCoil (Dylan McCarthy)
    16. Coldforge (Dylan McCarthy)
    17. Gehenna 2 (Andrew Jackson)
    18. Psychosis (Andrew Jackson)
    19. Wedge Devolution (Steven McGregor)
    20. Killotine: EVO (Steven McGregor)
    21. The Servant's Assistant (Lian Walsh)
    22. Empty Inside (Lian Walsh)
    23. Dantomkia (realie; 2014 version)
    24. Last Rites (realie; 2013 version)


    The Crash & Burn Mini-Tournament of Death 5

    Heat A
    Revolver Ocelot vs. The Servant's Assistant vs. Dantomkia vs. Psychosis
    WhipCoil vs. Flick of the Wrist vs. MiDAS vs. Revenge of Theseus

    Heat B
    Mobile Failure 2.5 vs. Last Rites vs. Black Panther vs. Mr. Death
    Coldforge vs. Creature From Black Lagoon vs. Cryoseism vs. Killotine: EVO

    Heat C
    Empty Inside vs. S.O.T.A.R. v2 vs. Gehenna 2 vs. Under Pressure
    Truth or Consequences vs. Tengu VII vs. Good For It vs. Wedge Devolution

    Tactics, predictions and all that jazz.

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    Heat A with Ocelot:

    -Try to concentrate on the wedgy bots (avoid Psychosis in other words).

    -Mostly find a safe spot to play hazard so I don't let the wedge bots get to my sides.

    Heat C with ToC:

    -Go on a flipping spree!

    -Don't let the spinners attack my sides!

    -Ram/flip bots into the other spinners!


    Heat A:
    Revolver Ocelot, Psychosis
    Flick of the Wrist, MiDAS

    Heat B:
    Last Rites, Black Panther
    Cryosiesem, Killotine EVO

    Heat C:
    S.O.T.A.R., Under Pressure
    Truth or Consequences, Tengu VII


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    IT BEGIIIINS! [/Dalek]

    I'll get my tactics in order nearer the time of my Heats. In the meantime, I'll take a gamble on Psychosis, The Servant's Assistant, Flick of the Wrist and Midas to survive the first eliminators.

    Time to crash and burn again! Hurrah!

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