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Thread: The Crash & Burn Mini-Tournament of Death 5

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    Sweet, five more. House robots are nearly all updated, btw, so... progress!

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    I'm going to enter WhipCoil and Coldforge.


    Shape: Circular
    Colour: Blue ring, white chassis with a black "plus" in the center as well as a blue diamond. It's hard to describe if you can't see the pic.
    Weight: 100kg
    Armour: 1/4 in. aluminum on the top and bottom
    Drive: 4x Magmotor 150s
    Power: 4 12-16ah NiCad packs
    Motivation: 4x diamond-tread foam rubber tires
    Top Speed: 13-14 mph
    Ground Clearance: 1.5 cm
    Turning Circle: 0
    Dimensions: 100cm x 25cm
    Weaponry: Friction-driven ring with two teeth and six beaters. The entire ring is one piece of metal. The ring itself is constructed out of 1/3 in. titanium and powered by an E-Tek motor that powers two wheels, which drive the ring. (this is a setup similar to BB veteran Ringmaster's)
    Srimech: invertible


    Shape: Basically Diesector, with wheel guards
    Colour: Green, the jaws are a lighter green and have evil eyes
    Weight: 100 kg
    Armour: 1/3 in. 7075 Aluminum
    Drive: 4x Ampflow A40-300 motors
    Power: 4x 12-16ah NiCad packs
    Motivation: 4x diamond-tread foam rubber tires
    Top Speed: 15-16 mph
    Ground Clearance: 2cm at the front, 3mm at the sides, rear plow is 2mm and the jaws can press into the ground for zero ground clearance
    Turning Circle: 0
    Dimensions: 75cm x 50cm x 25cm
    Weaponry: Pneumatic jaws at the front made out of powered by a similar system as Diesector (the top and bottom jaws can move independently)and made out of the same aluminum as the chassis, as well as a rear plow made of 1/4 in. hardox.
    Srimech: invertible
    Notes: Crash & Burn Tournament 5 Champion
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    4 more

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    All right, I managed to get the arena up at last. And here it is.

    Casino Night Zone - version 1.5

    Yep! This Sonic-inspired stage has it all! A hammer corner, a bumper corner, and 2 Corner Patrol Zones. Drive over the middle slot in the slot machine to activate it (every 30 seconds), and if you get three in a row, the automatic hazards dish out MORE PAIN! Also some paddles and springs on opposite walls will send you for a loop!

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    I'm terrified of that spinner now! Love the redesign!

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    All right, just to update everybody, here's where we stand with the entry list so far:

    1. Mr. Death (playzooki)
    2. Murder Is Fun (playzooki)
    3. Black Panther (Alex Holt)
    4. Tengu VII (Alex Holt)
    5. Flick of the Wrist (Martijn Benschop)
    6. Under Pressure (Martijn Benschop)
    7. Cryoseism (Nick Fisher)
    8. MiDAS (Nick Fisher)
    9. Revolver Ocelot (Josh Noel)
    10. Truth or Consequences (Josh Noel)
    11. Mobile Failure 2.5 (Tracy Farber)
    12. S.O.T.A.R. v2 (Tracy Farber)
    13. Revenge of Theseus (Samuel Park)
    Creature From Black Lagoon (Samuel Park)
    15. WhipCoil (Dylan McCarthy)
    16. Coldforge (Dylan McCarthy)
    17. ???
    18. ???
    19. ???
    20. ???
    21. ???
    22. ???
    23. ???
    24. ???

    So yeah, 4 more people needed. I know Steve and AJ expressed interest in entering, but I'd still need two more people after them.

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    Sure, provided you have a link to its stats.

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