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Thread: Dutch Beetleweight

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    It doesn't look like much and it has virtually no straight angles to it but it does make a nice test version of what I want to build.


    Will be an electric lifter once done

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    Plans changed again, discarded the previous design and spend nearly 4 hours, 8 sigarettes, 3 beers and dozens of pushes to my 1 year old daughter on the swingset to cut up a handsaw with a hacksaw.

    Made a nice puzzle out of it with five part that will go on the new design.
    2 wheelguards, 2 linings and a scoop are made out of one handsaw and only the scoop isn't serrated.

    Might call the beetle "Jagged" because of this.
    Will do some more work on it later this evening and take some pictures

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    After spending hours pondering what I could do I decided te go the easy way.
    Nothing too fancy, just some hdpe sides, bottom and backbone.

    After two hours, the motors are mounted, the solenoids are in place and one of the sides has been made.
    I still have 400grams to work with now but that will be rather tight I fear.

    I hope to find the time to spend another evening in the shed tomorrow.

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    I will eventually

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    I made new sides and threaded the wheels using some bicycle tire

    and a pic of the other components:


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    Holy crap that's thick Hdpe, looking good though, interesting to see something slightly different from the norm.

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    Just 20mm. I'll drill some airpockets into it if needed later on.

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    20mm is thicker than my first feather aha, out of interest how powerful a flip are you expecting the solenoids to have? will it be a quick turn over or more like a conventional gas powered flip?

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    The combined 'power' of the solenoids is 9kg which will be diluted by the length of the flipper.
    I reckon it will make a fast lifter when it engages an enemy and a quick selfrighter.

    Will have to finish the build and wire it up to find out.

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