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    1) No Idea

    2) We traveled to Haven in Wales, and Liverpool, Newark... From Belgium and the Netherlands

    Even Yorkshire for a social, just a good evening at a pub and a good nights rest at a Roboteers place.

    I believe if the basic premise is ok, Woodton ain't a problem with the distance.

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    Many of us are happy to travel far and wide to play. In our case, we live in southern Spain, and make at least one trip up to the UK every year (driving) to compete in various events. That's over 1,500 miles each way from where we are to the featherweight champs!

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    I don't see any reason why you shouldn't post it.

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    I would say, what weight class do you plan to run ? If you're running feathers, a village hall may do, but must be able to fit an arena in it (foor and all, I don't think your locals would appreciate us ripping up the floor).

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    dsc00577.jpgthis is the out of woodton village hall, but i can't find any pics of inside empty for you see how big it is sorry . so you best bet is to go on or put in woodton village hall in norfolk into google then click woodton village hall << woodton parish council & click on village hall jubilee celebrations then croll down, the photos shoul give some idea on space. i'm hoping to do a antweight or even beetleweight event, haven't made my mind up yet but i'll let you all know which weight class it will be soon.

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    its not to far away, could probably bring my beetleweight and featherweights

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    No ants nor beetles to be found with us unfortunatly, 6 Kg Raptors are the smallest.

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