I have no idea wehre to begin and Im sure this post will seem out of place, but I need assistance and didn't know who else to ask....
I am a very tall individual and due to poor posture and modern living have quite a few muscle imbalances- severe muscle imbalances. I try to stretch every day, but it is simply not enough. So, I've designed a device to help me stretch some hard to stretch muscles.
Without going into too great a detail, let me give u the main jist of the device. Imagine a cuff is fastened to my ankle. Now imagine that cuff is fastened to a hook in the wall or ceiling via a 1/4 inch diamater rope.

I've completely designed the harness and device but there is one problem- easily adjusting the tension/pull on my ankle for the stretch.
What I'd like to do is put something like a wireless, automatic Servo Winch by each wallhook. Then I figure i can usea remote control in my right hand to "reel in" or "tighten" each appendage to the right position.
Sounds simple, right? Well for you guys it probably is, but i have no bloody idea what i'm doing lol. I just have a few questions I hope you robotic geniuses can help me with....

1: I would like to be able to tighten AND loosen the tension on each rope. Can this be accomplished with a Servo Winch?
2: I know a servo winch can reel in (and i believe reel out) but will it hold a constant tension? I plan to hold each stretch for awhile (an hour or more each morning), and I want to make sure gears dont slip and the line goes slack.

3: How strong are these servo winches? Would they be able to stand up to the strains of providing a constant/light pull for that long? (It's not like Im going for a "Full splits" position. My goal is just an extremely slight, but constant stretch. But depending on position im in the winch might have to support some weight. not more than ten lbs- 20 at the max)

4: Do you think a servo winch is my best bet? Or would you guys reccomend another part? If so, please give me the name of said part. I am a complete robotics NEWB so a major obstacle for me is knowing the name of what I'm looking for.

5: I'd like to use 1/4 inch diameter braided nylon rope or something very similiar to that. It has a little Pull/stretch to it. Most servo winches I've looked up use a very thin metallic wire. Is it even possible to use a servo wench with rope so thick?

6: With these servo winches...can one adjust the speed at which they wind? I hope so.
7:, is there a limited amount of rotations one way or another? I expect to have to reel in about 3 or 4 feet of slack each time, and while researching some servo winches there appeared to be a limited amount of rotations one way and the other.
8: can You reccomend a quality brand and tell me where I can buy it?

This post is newbish, long winded, and highly annoying. Never the less, any help would be appreciated. . Please provide help for my first dalliance with Robotics!

P.S: even answering one of these questions would help me alot. Thank you for taking the time to read