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Thread: Team Upstart Projects

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    Maybe we should use biscuits, then it's a real Cookie Monster

    @maddox See you in Germany.

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    Cookie Monster has survived its first event. I think we were the most chaotic team present
    Thanks Ellis for borrowing the pliers... 3 times

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    Lol, very welcome! Nice to meet you guys.

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    Chaotic? I just thought you guys were enthousiastic and at some points frantic.

    Coockie Monster performed quite well and I do hope you'll find the time soon enough to make the repairs and improvements you talked about. Even with a team member abroad.

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    Thank you! The next time we try to stay more K.a.L.M
    We hope to make the repairs and improvements before my brother moves to Indonesia.
    How is Bulls it doing? Do you have a video from the big hit that is missing in my video?

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    I added a link in the comment section of your vid.
    But here is a quicker link for ya.

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    We brought Cookie Monster back to life!

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    INDI Robot Games 2019 battle2 - Cookie Monster fighting against Mastermilo and The Raaminator.

    Last edited by Upstart; 11th July 2019 at 12:43.

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    INDI Robot Games 2019 battle3 - Cookie Monster fighting against Cemattack and Total-Loss.

    Last edited by Upstart; 11th July 2019 at 12:43.

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