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Thread: Team Upstart Projects

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    Or should I write "BELT"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by maddox10 View Post

    Or should I write "BELT"?
    The belt is not a problem! It's a test setup with a drill (in the hands of my brother).
    We wanted to know whether the weapon is well balanced.
    A vacuum cleaning robot is very useful during these tests ... what a mess

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    Om nom nom nom cookies!

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    In this video we are testing the NTM Prop Drive 4248 brushless outrunner and the bracket we made for mounting the motor. The weapon is a (unbalanced) test version and not the final Hardox 500 version.

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    Thadaaa!! Cookie Monster has new teeth
    Made from hardox 500.

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    Next known feather event on the main land, MMM, in Bochum, Germany, september 27th.

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    Looking good. What is the machine made from? The outer bulkheads look a little weak with all the holes in them and I would be concerned about a horizontal pulling the bulkheads apart and releasing your weapon... unless its all Titanium in which case it will be a very dangerous machine.

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    I agree that it would have been better to use titanium for the bulkheads.
    But at the moment it's more a Money Monster than a Cookie Monster.
    So we decided to cover the steel bulkheads with hardox plate, and hope that our weapon hits the horizontal first The top and bottom plate are made from 3mm stainless steel and the weapon is made from 20mm hardox 500.
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