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Thread: Team Zog

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    Howdy all.

    I'm coming back into the world of combat robotics. I know you missed me...right?...right??

    Obviously I'm not going to 'jump the gun' like before, thus my first build will be a fairly simple featherweight. Because I lack any imagination whatsoever anymore, I've decided that the featherweight will pay homage to one of my favourite competitors: Diotoir.

    Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 23.58.04.png

    After looking at extensive pictures and videos, I drafted up a basic model of the robot in SketchUp. Please excuse my CAD drawing, I haven't used SketchUp in an awful long time.

    Most of the electronics have already been source by some very kind people on here, so here's what the main drive system will consist of:
    Turnigy 5000mAh Lipos feeding into two BotBitz 85Amp Speed Controllers, which are both in turn powering two cordless drill motors - unfortunately, I am unsure of how many Amps they have, and I can't remember for the life of me who it was who I bought them off! I think it may have been one of the team members who built Block of Wood?

    As for the weapon system, this is where it gets tricky. Obviously, the main flipping scoop is powered by two springs, and somehow, a chain system is used to pull the flipper back down. If anyone at all has any pictures of poor old Diotoir in the nudie, it'd be a massive help for me.
    Alternatively, I could always nick parts from my old BattleRat, and use the system there. - these are a viable contender for the springs used. They may have to be slightly bigger.

    As for the armour, would Hardox work? I'd need to source equipment to use it, plus should it be one solid shell that can be removed, or each panel removed individually?


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    Dr Zulu has an 'Ask Zulu' thread in the general section, he can probably provide you with some detailed pictures .

    Hardox for a shell like that, it wouldn't work out the way you want because Hardox is VERY difficult to bend, so you would struggle to make the curved outside and wheel arches without a lot of extra work.

    Oh, and the Block Of Wood guy is Alex Marler .
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    Ah yes I have seen that! His 'Ask Zulu' thread does appear to be joke questions however? But I'll be sure to DM him, thanks!

    Would mixing metals work? Using Hardox for the wheel arch sides, and maybe bending aluminium over for the curved part?

    And cheers it's good to see you mate!

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    Mixing ferrous and non-ferrous metals doesn't work. You can use normal mild steel for the curved bits and weld in Hardox where you think you need it. Normal steel will bend much easier (to put them into perspective, someone tried bending 4mm Hardox and the bender had to be set for 20mm steel for it to bend). 4mm steel should suffice for that body (May get a few dents but that happens )

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    Oops. I should've realised that, I studied GCSE DT :S

    So a mix of 4mm steel and 4mm hardox, great

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    depending on the dimensions you could probably cut the curved section out of an old calor gas bottle

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    Does the new Diotoir (S5/Extreme) utilise the same weapon system as the old though? I swear they got rid of the pneumatics for it :S but thanks for the pics!

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    Well, a name has been decided - marfóir, which translates as 'assassin' in Irish.

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    There were never any pneumatics in Diotior...

    I believe it was the same hydraulics though. I know the springs were swapped from car to truck suspension springs.

    For the record, I wouldn't wish that weapon mechanism on my worse enemy.
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