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Thread: Team Expat - Beetleweight Adventures

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eventorizon View Post
    That looks so slick! How did you get everything looking so neat?
    It's not that neat when you get close! Although I do file/sand pretty much everything.

    I have made the main support structure pieces for the spinner. I started with the more simple one:

    And just finished the second one:

    Not sure what to do next, either the other-end-shaft-support (which bolts to the more simple piece above) for the brushless or the other wheel cover thing.

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    Somebody give me a job so I can buy the tools necessary to make stuff this good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fathersplat View Post
    Somebody give me a job so I can buy the tools necessary to make stuff this good.
    I just hope I can match it with a *insert high number here* mill! And harry is right. A cheap file and some sandpaper and a good vice is all it took. And time... lots of time...

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    Lol thanks guys. Hacksaw to begin with, lots and lots of filing, a touch or two on the bench grinder to accelerate removing some bulk and some holes courtesy of the pillar drill. I don't have a good/big vice, wish I did lol. Each one took maybe 7-8 hours from marking out to taking pics.

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    What are the spec's on the machine? Weapon motor, ESC's, Batteries?

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    2826 1200kv NTM, picked for it's tininess.

    Generic pick-any-of-these 30a BlueSeries thing from Hobbyking. Drives are 10a botbitz.

    Turnigy (not nano-tech) 800mah 35c 3s pack, which should give me *just* enough run time with the small motor.

    The weapon reduction is roughly 1.44:1, giving a theoretical top speed of 10,000rpm. I'll be chuffed with 8,000 real-world.

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    Some pretendobot 4 u:

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    It might be a good thing you're in Spain most of the time

    Will it fight in Germany?

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