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Thread: Restoring an Original Gameboy

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    I recently found my brother's old Gameboy way back from before I was even born, but, as it seems, it doesn't work. I've ordered a new screen, and a special screwdriver for the odd tri-wing screws, and hopefully, I'll get it to work again. Any tips from you guys are greatly appreciated.

    Hopefully the stuff should be arriving tommorow/today (23rd), but I don't know. They haven't come from far.

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    Only £4. Although I could just buy a new one, and replace the circuit board (Which it may come to) I'd rather try this, for the practice and novelty of it. I believe my first console was the PS1. Either that, or Gameboy Colour.

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    Oooh. I would have killed for something like that, despite it's simplicity. I'm rubbish at games, but I know a heck of a lot about the consoles.

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    Commodore Amiga for me
    Awesome console. My wife and I love retro games. We have a mane cabinet at home.
    Good luck with the project. After you have a play restoring maybe try something different.
    Google madebybacteria and look at some handhelds people have made. I personally made a handheld mame system using a net book and a 360 controller

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    Hmm. I may have a go at making something with Mame. Definitely easier than trying to find or make a PCB for it. Probably going to try and make a desktop type arcade cabinet, or something of the sort. Depends on what I can get and do.

    I do believe the stuff is likely to come today or tomorrow. Or, at least I hope. I've only really started to do this with the decline of modern consoles, and their policies. I much prefer the days when the mainstream consoles were "Plug and Play". I'm really forced to stick with PC Gaming, or try and connect my N64 back up. Without modern connectors.

    Breaking EDIT: The stuff has arrived. Turns out I was sold the protector, not a new LCD. But, that seems the least of my worries, as it seems to not work no matter what. So I'm going to save up for a "Fresh" one, and nick the circuit board, and replace it.
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    Golden axe is a classic game. Im a newb at robotics, but retro gaming is my bag lol. Other genesis/megadrive games that I reccomend are "combat cars" "gunstar heroes" and "contra hard corps". ....yeah, I like a challenge.

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