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Thread: lubricated pneumatics.

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    Its the Dihydrogen Monoxide you need to watch-out for. It's lethal stuff. I almost swallowed some inadvertently just earlier today

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    Sorry, you're right. it's carbonic acid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnRyland View Post
    You may need to refer to the DHMO Safety Data Sheet:
    Good advice for anyone... please read, folks. It may save your life.

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    For low temp lubrication either molycote or PTFE based lubricant should be OK for temperatures down to -73C

    I would say to use this stuff sparingly, As has been mentioned, the duty cycle of pneumatic systems on robots is particularly low, so in most cases I would say lubrication at service intervals is all you need.
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    Where I work we have valves that operate 30,000 times a day... Don't have them fail very often aslong as the air supply is dry... Occasionly they stick, put a bit of sewing machine oil or similar down the infeed pipe to lubricate the shuttle and there good for a while after.... You will never get to the point of having to do that kind of maintenance on a robots valve... You will blow it up or chop it in half years before its working life runs out.

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    Ah, yes I'm sure you're right. But it's not the valves I am worried about. I am running a low pressure system and I will be using plenty air-flow; maybe more than a cylinder will allow. Which lead me to look at compressors. I believe I could get somewhere using scroll compressors from car air-con, but they need lubrication.

    If i can get away with it for 4-5 mins at a time without lube, then great, but I am very uncertain. I'll be able to do some tests in the next couple of weeks.

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    I'm using molykote 33 on mine, its good for very low temperatures, I still cant get your idea of using compressors rather than Co2 though.

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