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Thread: Speed Controllers Recommendations?

  1. #21 i think this might work aswell i have a wotty 360 for sale if interested.

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    don't expect a quick reply...... but he will get back to you.

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    Interest definitely, I just do not know what I need, an excerpt of my mail to Ian Watts...

    Single Channel Controller for the Weapon of Luzifer
    Continuous current 160A
    And Surge Current 300A
    I have in my Robot this Weapon engine...
    The Stall Current is 285A

    Where the controller for this?

    And the most important question, for me, how big is the controller and what he weighs?

    And of course, what is the price?

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    Do you really need controlled movement, or can you just run it full power each way with big contacts like Beta did?

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    Ahh the watty speed controller is dual chanell.

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    Do you really need controlled movement
    Yes Really, the Problem is when the engine by full Power Work, is the scoop as soon as a Flipper, I need CONTROL, also lifts to!

    Ahh the watty speed controller is dual chanell.
    That is not a Problem, i have Anwer from Ian

    The Controller make Maximum Current 160 Amps per Channel for 5 minutes

    and important ---Attempt to draw more than 200 amps per channel from it.---

    The Engine Stall Current is 285A, the Wotty must therefore be Connected so...

    Also the Wotty Duall Channel, would be so the right thing!

    i have a wotty 360 for sale if interested.
    What is your Price, whit Shipping to Berlin Germany?
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    What would be even better...

    that would be really perfect for Luzifer!

    As well as the old Storm i have two 4QD-200 for the Drive and search a Controller for my weapon!

    If I could get this controller, it would be even better!

    Know one if you ran as is, or was that just a one time special production?

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    Terry when you this Read, can you tell me please on my personal messages to you answers!

    Or by e-mail there, I've also try to contact you!

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    Hi sorry I don't normally see the notification bar as my phone cuts the screen a little and I miss it unless I scroll across , I've got 7 pm's ! Will reply to you all in the next few days.

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