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Thread: Speed Controllers Recommendations?

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    Yes it is. He used to do a watty 300 , smaller gets but I think the next step down is a small one for feathers.

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    Isn't there a wotty 180?

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    Ahh that might be It, the 360 or the 180 one is double the power and only about £40 dearer and I think most went for the 360 to avoid blowing up.

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    There is a Wotty 100 too, 2 x 50A and I reckon its £200

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    Quote Originally Posted by daveimi View Post
    Oh ok that's cool. Has anyone screwed servo's to a wheel chair joy stick?
    It has been done for some very cheap builds- more in the time of robot wars than these days I beleive.

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    I reckon if you were doing it that way you'd want some kind of remote kill in there too, or at least I would if it were me.

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    It would probably be a more reliable setup to use a bang bang style controller using relays, servos and microswitches or with servos making direct connections between wires giving 'full on or full off' control. Although this can make steering difficult it will probably be less prone to breaking from too much current than a joystick.

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    How do you get contact with Ian Watts, because the Wotty Controller?

    On its homepage, I already have it try!

    How I can still reach him, here in the forum "what name"?

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