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Thread: What is a walker?

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    Legged Robots
    2.2 Legged Robots [Walkers] can weigh up to twice the specified weight in all classes. A walker must employ moveable legs to support its weight. Each leg must have at least 2 degrees of freedom.
    Robots with rolling or sliding mechanisms will not be classified as walkers.
    3.1.2 Walking such as linear actuator operated legs.

    Above is the build rule about walkers.
    What I would invite people to do is interpret these rules, to clarify exactly what they mean in the real world, and if possible give examples of what is and is not a walker under these rules.

    Please keep all discussion polite and respectful or the thread will be deleted.

    looking forward to your reply.

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    I personally want to know of the mechanism used by Anarchy and Scuttle can be counted as a walker as it is one of the simpler mechanisms that can be easily built. Under the current rules it would count as a shuffle bot as the mechanism is driven by a single motor each side and basically operates on a series of cams. But it was allowed in Robotwars once so why not again?

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    I would say that the rules mean you must be able to make the legs move up bad down without moving forwards and backwards and then must do the opposite making them move forward and backwards. However I don't think you have to make each leg act independently- you can have motor to make all the legs move up and down at different times and then another motor for each side to control forward and backwards- you then just need some complicated electronic jiggerypokary to make the legs co-ordinate to move in the correct manner.
    I personally feel that both of Craig's robots should be allowed (although I believe he has no desire fight with them?) and they clearly are walking and look very cool but I understand by allowing mechanisms like that it could be easy to take advantage of the rule and make something that is barely a walker to qualify for the weight advantage.

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    I agree that cam-based bots aught to be given a small weight advantage (I think you suggested 25%?)

    ANY walker, even cam-driven, immediately suffers from half-speed compared with the same motion applied as wheels. (Because a foot must move back and forwards to produce one forward motion) not including other losses in efficiency from the mechanism. Anarchy has a top speed of 5mph.

    The weight allowance is there to compensate walkers somewhat and encourage people to build them. So you don't immediately change the rules the second that someone manages to build one that isn't a complete waste of time.

    I personally have no problem with the idea that full weight allowance requires separate motion in 2 axis (min) though.

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    I consider walkers any machine that exhibits the following,

    - The entire weight of the machine is supported at all time (no hoppers)
    - The legs are made of more than a single piece of metal, ie a leg like you have yourself made up of two separate sections
    - The upwards and forwards motions come from two separate mechanisms

    I don't like the mechanisms in scuttle as if you take off the legs, it could still in theory run along the ground on the gears

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    I think the rules on walkers are too strict, to the point where there isn't much point in making one for combat purposes. Personally I'd class anarchy how ever spelt from s6 as a walker, and think that it was silly for the rules to be changed and for it to become banned. As far as I can see its got legs and walks, its almost like turning up to a race with a reliant Robyn and saying its got 3 wheels so its not like a propper car. I think cam mechanisms are still technically a walker, but would be interested in finding out who changed the rules on it and why. And 1000th post wooo!!!
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    I had forgotten that scuttle finished its first event on its wheels after its legs disintegrated... Though the gears would be no where near the floor if you wanted a decent stride length so if they did get lopped off then you wouldn't be able drive on them.

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    Would it count as a walker if you could make the leg go in an pendulum motion and then independently can make the leg go up and down?

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    I hope so.. that's my current plan :-/

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    And that differs from scuttle how?

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