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Thread: PinPoint 3D - 3D Printing Service

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    Hi all,

    I am pleased and proud to announce that PinPoint 3D has now officially launched!

    PinPoint 3D is the place to go for all your 3D Printing projects, using an award winning printer we are able to offer highly detailed 3D printed parts. With the ability to control the print layer height to as low as 0.15mm and with a build volume of 2600cubic cms, those tricky to make parts can now become a reality.

    With our current setup we are offering white ABS as the primary material, but will soon expand the inventory to include a wide range of colours and materials - we may even be able to achieve this sooner just ask

    So for more info head over to the website and Facebook group and get your project moving.

    Any enquiries -

    Pinpoint 3D

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    PinPoint 3D is now award winning!

    In the short time it has been trading PinPoint 3D has been awarded the Technology and Innovation Award at the annual Business Venture Compeition @ De Montfort University

    The award was highly contested with over 90 entrants, but PinPoint 3D was chosen for it's clear vision and unique theme.

    So if you need any help with design work or would like to use an award winning 3D printing service then get in contact.

    If you can think it......we can print it!
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    Have you printed any actual commissions thus far yet? That you've been paid for?

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    Yes a number of small prototype projects, why do you ask?

    PinPoint 3D

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    I'm just how a business doing so little (no offense) & so young can win an award.

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    Could you print wax? That would open opportunities to cast bronze and ali with the lost wax technique.

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    If I'm right in think Ceri, the awards are for university students who are starting their own business to pitch against other students on the best business venture's and idea's. They are judged on things like the basic idea and concept, business plans and overall goals and realistic ability.
    Congratulations on the award, it's never an easy thing to get.

    There's not a lot we do with that sort if 3D printing in our line of work (more resin based), but if anyone asks I'll point them in your direction.

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    I'm guessing polycarb has too high a melting point to 3D print in most machines?

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    Actually, YES, it's quite likely you can do something for me.. ABS would be perfectly fine as the end-caps for the fluidic muscles I am making. They have a woven kevlar outer sheath and very strong, but tend to fail when the plugs come out. I need a better, one-piece design.

    I'll be in touch shortly. Will need to know what res. you can work-to.


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