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Thread: PinPoint 3D - 3D Printing Service

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    @ Ceri Yes this venture is young but I am doing alot

    @ Grant , Thanks for your comments thanks for the support (your evaluation of the award pretty much covers it)

    @ Mario, Not with this machine im afraid unless there is a serious Mod out there i have yet to find :P

    @ Bacon Wizard Poly Carb with this machine is a bit of an unknown atm but i plan to research into this further, and yes that project sounds perfect - i look forward to your e-mail

    Thanks for the comments guys any questions i'm here to help


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    Full event write up can be found here

    PinPoint 3D The award winning service with the award winning printer

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    I haven't forgotten you Alex, I am still working through options and especially checking-out what temps and forces they may need to deal-with. It's looking good though.

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    No problem - sounds like a really interesting project


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    i8 fb.jpg

    First antweight chassis printed....ready and waiting to get into the arena!

    Get your robot parts printed, quick turn around and great prices

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    Additional colours available to print with (all ABS) Black, Silver and Gold

    I'm looking into including a Nylon material - adding yet another dimension to the service on offer

    For more info email or check out

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    The first Beetleweight parts have been printed. They came off really nice

    Will bettle weight July 13.jpg

    3D printing is perfect for antweight and beetleweight projects


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    A new material to add to the list - Flexible PLA

    This is a great new printable material which offers flexible properties.

    Looking for some projects to try it out on - with big discounts on offer!

    If you are interested, Please email

    Alex PinPoint 3D

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