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Thread: New website feedback

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    Yeah, found it. Hope that doesn't reset every visit.

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    I really don't like the look or feel of it all, it's worse on the mobile version as there is no date/time to any post

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    There is no need to use the mobile version of the site. That is provided for users with older mobile browsers or slow connections.
    Kane Aston

    Co-owner and builder of BEHEMOTH

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    Do you mean the section under Forum Posts under Upcoming Events?
    Kane Aston

    Co-owner and builder of BEHEMOTH

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    I like it. The About link in the footer doesn't seem to work though.

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    I'm just tidying up those bits right this moment.
    Kane Aston

    Co-owner and builder of BEHEMOTH

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    Would it be possible to make it more obvious which are the new posts in a particular thread- at the moment it is unclear as the little icon in the top left just turns from white to pale blue which is hard to see.
    Could you also make it so we can see people's list of robots and there name rather than just their username.
    It also seems that I have to view a post twice in order to make the unread post gear symbol thing disappear, does anyone else have this problem?
    I also don't like the red frame popular topics thing but it doesn't really matter.
    Other than that it all looks good!
    Also how to you get a moving avatar?
    Last edited by Max; 2nd April 2013 at 19:43.

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