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Thread: The pilot of Robot Combat League is available online

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    Hi all!

    If anybody is interested, Syfy put the pilot episode of Robot Combat League up on their website - it's the one with the robot boxing. I can watch it over in Canada, so hopefully the same is true in the UK. The link is

    It's interesting...when it comes to the basic feel of the show, it leans much more towards the boxing side than the robotics side. The robots are quite intriguing, though - to get around the problem of humanoid robots having to deliver blows strong enough to damage each other without knocking themselves over in the process, the robots are not freestanding. They have a sort of support column (if that's the right term) sticking out of the back at an angle and running to the floor.

    Anyway, the show did seem to do more right than it did wrong in its pilot episode - I'd love to see what the roboteers here think about it (as opposed to a mere fan like me... :-) )

    Best regards to all,

    Robert Marks

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    Yeah we can see it :-)

    Pretty good but they have added the sparks with pyrotechnics and augmented the audio.

    Crash got very lucky when they broke Cyclone's arm but bending the system back like that would have really messed with the mechanics.

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    It says Canada Only.

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    Hang on, isn't Mark Setrakian of Battle Bots fame? The Master, and other crazy machines.

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    It looks as though the whole robots runs from one hydraulic system as after one line is compromised the whole robot seems to die shortly afterwards. It would be more interesting to have an isolated system for each limb so as to allow immobilisation of individual parts of the opponent.

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    Well, episode 4 has aired - those in Canada can watch it here:

    And hopefully the recaps are useful in some way for everybody else here:

    I will say this - this show seems to be hitting its stride. This week's bout made it to the third round and a judges' decision, and was pretty good. I get the feeling they may need to make some modifications to their arena, though - I think some of the crowd got sprayed by hydrolic fluid.

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